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We believe that eternity is only ONE influence away and it is the parent’s duty to equip their children to willingly choose the right influences and reject the evil ones

Your Struggle Isn’t With Your Children

Your Fight Is a Spiritual Battle

Your Faith Is Your Weapon

Statistics show that 70% of young adults, between the ages of 18 and 24, are walking away from their childhood faith and conforming to the conduct of this world.

This ‘Spiritual Exodus‘ Is A Two-Part Problem

Parenting has changed, and not for the better.

Christian parents are doing all they know how to do to pass on their faith to their children.

Often times, parents know that what they are doing isn’t working but they are clueless why their efforts to do things better isn’t working.

Trying to improve on what isn’t working isn’t going to make any difference.

Parenting different is what will make the changes you truly desire to transform your family so that your children don’t become part of the rising statistics of young adults walking away from their parents faith.

Before you can parent different, you must understand the two-part problem that has led to the decline in the morals of our culture and influencing our children to abandon their parent’s faith completely.  


Do as I say, not as I do” type of parenting is turning the hearts of children away from the parents and to the influence of this world that is all accepting to any belief or behavior.

The answer to this problem is to ‘live out your faith… faithfully’ and become intentional to influence your kids with this faith through your example and their education. 

The solution is to join the movement that inspires you to be intentional in your choice to live out your faith faithfully.   


Parents don’t believe the truth that our children have four sides to them: who they are in front of their parents, other authority, friends, and by themselves.

The answer to this problem is to ‘train up a child in the way he should go so when he is old he won’t depart from it’ and be consistent in teaching and training your faith to your kids.

The solution is to sign up for the 5-day LIVE workshop that inspires you to train up a child in your faith so they won’t depart from it.

The underlining root cause to these problems, both for parents and for children, is the influences that form our nature. 

Christian parents must discover how to influence their kids, while living out their faith faithfully, to ensure they raise self-disciplined children who willingly carry their faith into adulthood. 

It all starts by understanding how to influence your children to willingly form habits of faith.


Influencing Your Kids, a podcast dedicated to equipping Christian parents with the foundation to transform their families with wholesome influences that battle against the rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Listen up, Christian parents, and stop fighting with your kids!

The butting of heads, battles of the wills, and power struggles is NOT against flesh and blood, but against the influences of this world.

Get ready to transform your family as their God-ordained BEST influence, so you can raise disciples who become WHOLESOME INFLUENCERS, like you, for His Kingdom!

Each month starts a new series.

Learn How With Dollie

If you want to pass on your Christian faith but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! I’ll equip you to raise self-disciplined children who willingly carry YOUR faith into adulthood.


As parents, we must recognize that our children consist of FOUR different people: who they are in front of us, who they are in front of their friends, who they are in front of other authorities in their life, and who they are when they are alone.

The common struggle facing parents today is that there comes a time when they no longer recognize their children, but they have no idea what they have done wrong or what to do differently to change their reality.

In Level One, Lasting Influences provides you with the step-by-step journey to why this happens, what is going on in a child’s mind that is causing this normal behavior, and how to come alongside your child in a way that impresses and teaches your Christian values to your children.


As Christian parents, we must recognize that we come into marriage with two approaches to parenting that can quickly cause division within the family.

The common struggle facing Christian parents today is that children quickly learn how to manipulate parents into getting their desires, by pinning the parents against each other, while the parents put the blame of their family’s condition on the other.

In Level Two, Wholesome Couples provides you with the step-by-step journey to making parenting decisions together without the conflict, creating pre-determined consequences you both enforce, and committing to fighting for each other, not against each other so your children are influenced by how a Christian marriage works to fulfill their Kingdom assignment – TOGETHER.


As parents, we must recognize that curriculum is intentionally designed to influence the culture by determining acceptable behavior based on the beliefs of the majority.

The common struggle facing parents today is that public education has removed prayer and Bible from their curriculum. The only real solution to this problem is to provide a Christian education to your children, either in the form of a private education or parental education.

In Level Three, Wholesome Thinkers provides you with the step-by-step journey to why children struggle to learn, how the mind works to convert information into knowledge, and what are the key things you need to do to homeschool your children so they are equipped with a diploma and a Christian faith as they take their place into world as an adulthood.


As homeschooling parents, we must recognize that our daily choices are forming habits in ourselves and our children that are good, bad, and indifferent.

The common struggle facing homeschool moms today is that life demands so much of her that it crowds out the priority of education, often times resulting in children falling behind, leaving the mother exhausted and overwhelmed by the weight of her children’s education resting on her shoulders.

In Level Four, Smooth & Easy Days provides you with the step-by-step journey to making time decisions, removing redundant decisions, and finally, scheduling all of your life demands, including dependent learners education so your children form habits that will carry them well into their careers.

Wholesome Influencers™ is unlike any coaching you’ve seen before. With faith as the foundation, Dollie will guide and assist you through all FIVE levels to become equipped to fight in the spiritual realm so you can fight for your family, instead of fighting with them. When you commit to stepping into your role as a wholesome influencer and renew your mind, you can do everything required of you as a Christian parent so your children willlingly carrys YOUR faith into adulthood.