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I'm Dollie.

I teach Christian homeschool moms how to influence their kids with Christian principles that last, lead by example to secure smooth & easy days with good habits, and educate at home with a method designed the way the brain retains knowledge so they raise wholesome thinkers, who willingly carry a Christian faith, character, and conduct into adulthood.



Solve Sibling Strife Poster Set

If you're ready to influence your kid to stop fighting or at each other's throats,) to discover the secret to influencing your kids to stop provoking each other — even if they’re constantly plucking each other's last nerve, and to influence your kids to stop ignoring one another, so they can spend quality time together to become best friends, you'll want these FREE set of posters.


Solve Routine Problems Poster Set

If you're ready to break down days into purposeful routines to avoid the stress of fitting it all into a day, to discover how to use routines to naturally form habits – even if your family has so many bad habits you don't know where to begin, and plan your family routine, so they can willingly choose to go the right way, even when you're not watching, you'll want these FREE set of posters.


Solve Learning Challenges Poster Set

If you're ready to understand how to identify gaps in your child's education or to avoid them all together, to discover how to show progress each and every year, and finally unlock the secret to raise motivated learners, even if they absolutely hate school, so you can experience the homeschool you've always dreamed about, you'll want these FREE set of posters.

We believe that eternity is only ONE influence away and it is the parent's duty to equip their children to willingly choose the right way while resisting the wrong way

Intentional Curriculum Influences Mind

Intimate Community Influences Hearts

Invasive Culture Influences Philosophies

“None of us can be proof against the influences that proceed from the persons he associates with. Wherefore, in books and men, let us look out for the best society, that which yields a bracing and wholesome influence.”

Charlotte Mason


Influencing Your Kids, a podcast dedicated to equipping Christian parents with the foundation to transform their families with wholesome influences that battle against the rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Listen up, Christian parents, and stop fighting with your kids!

The butting of heads, battles of the wills, and power struggles is NOT against flesh and blood, but against the influences of this world.

Get ready to transform your family as their God-ordained BEST influence, so you can raise disciples who become WHOLESOME INFLUENCERS, like you, for His Kingdom!

Each month starts a new series.

Work With Dollie

If you want to be consistent, loving, intentional, and persevering but don’t know where to start or what to do differently, you’re in the right place! I’ll equip you to raise self-disciplined children who willingly carry a Christian faith, character, and conduct into adulthood.


In our foundational coaching program, Lasting Influences, you will understand influences and how they work to form philosophies in the mind of a person.

I’ll walk you through all the spiritual battle you’re facing as a Christian parent, plus give you step-by-step frameworks on how to go from a critical attitude that fights with your children to one that lovingly fights FOR your kids, influence your kids through the phases of the mind, instruct their conscience to discern right things, and emulate the Heavenly Father to live out Christian standards in your family.


In our pivotal coaching program, Smooth & Easy Days, you will understand how to manage your time as a busy homeschool mom.

I’ll walk you through all the life decisions you’re facing on a daily basis, plus give you step-by-step frameworks on how to go prioritizing your commitments, eliminate redundant decisions, organize your homeschool year, months, and days in a way that moves dependent children into independent learners and live out your purpose productively.


In our transforming coaching program, Wholesome Thinkers, you will understand how to homeschool your kids to retain a Christian education that marks out a career.

I’ll walk you through all the curriculum decisions to plan for your children, plus give you step-by-step frameworks on how to create the atmosphere of your home, determine your children's brain habits, homeschool the way Charlotte Mason intended, and plan your homeschool lessons that raise motivated learners.