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Become Intentional With the Remaining 105,120 ‘Awake' Hours Of Influence In Their Children's First 18 Years Of Life

How many hours a day are you intentional with your kids?

Statistics show that the average parent spends only 9 hours a week with their kids. However, they spend 5.6 of those hours arguing. 

If you're one of the rising number of homeschooling families, who spend 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year together, I have to ask you this…

“How many of those hours involve endless friction and constant conflict?”

If you're like most homeschooling families the same ration of nearly two thirds of the time spent with your children include butting heads, battles of the will, and dealing with “strong willed” children. 

There is a reason why this struggle is REAL and tearing families apart. 

“The enemy's tactics include keeping Christian Parents busy with other commitments, distracted with devices, emotional in the moment of decisions, and doubting themselves and their children.”

Dollie Freeman, Founder of 1,000 Wholesome Hours Movement

Our Mind Is THE Battle Ground


The battle of wholesome and unwholesome is being fought between the ears, inside our minds.  

Wholesome influences purify our minds. However, unwholesome influences defile our minds. 

The philosopher, who takes pleasure in observing the ways of his own mind, is a thinker of high thoughts, and he is apt to forget that the thought which defiles a man behaves in precisely the same way as that which purifies: the one, as the other, develops, matures, and increases after its kind.” Charlotte Mason

A mind left to its own demise in today's culture quickly finds, observes, and inwardly digests the influences that will form philosophies that breeds conduct.

As Christian parents, we must become intentional in the FOUR areas of our children's life:


God designed parents to be the BEST wholesome influencers in a child's life. Yet, 70% of young adults, ages 18-24, are rejecting their parent's faith and conforming to the conduct of this world. 


Parents are allowing children to spend an average of 5-7 hours on electronics a day, including meal times in the home and restaurants, mainly because parent's don't want the battle. 


The average child spends two hours a day with friends plus additional hours alone pursing ideas of their own during independent play or inwardly digesting ideas from their day.   


Children spend over 1,400 hours a year in school and working through curriculum. Education is more than head knowledge; it forms philosophies that lead to conduct, as well.

Intentions Require Consistency To Change Our Current Situation


“The child is born, doubtless, with the tendencies which should shape his future; but every tendency has its branch roads, its good or evil outcome; and to put the child on the right track for the fulfilment of the possibilities inherent in him, is the vocation of the parent.” Charlotte Mason

Change is hard because it requires consistency that goes against our current habits.

Change because easier when we have a ‘STRONG WHY' motivating our intentions, a way to track progress, a community to connect to like-minded people, and stories to inspire us through the difficult times.

That is why the 1,000 Wholesome Hours Movement includes equipping resources for Christian Parents who desire to be consistent in their intentions. 


The 1,000 Wholesome Hours Starter Kit provides you with the ‘STRONG WHY‘ to joining this movement and why becoming intentional about the remaining 105.120 ‘awake' hours of influence in your children's life is so important. 

Discover how each of the FOUR AREAS of a child life requires ‘wholesome influences' during the hours and how quickly intentions in any of the areas can help you reach the goal of 1,000 wholesome hours faster than you think! 

The 1,000 Wholesome Hours Tracker includes 1,000 shapes to color for each intentional hour of wholesome influences. 

Designed to give a visual understanding of how influences are processed in the mind through ideas that build desires that foster love for the concepts, which begins to grows with ideas after its kind to dominate the mind.  

Print one for each child, or do one as a family.

The 1,000 Wholesome Hours For Christian Families Facebook Community provides you connections with like-minded Christian Parents who are striving to be consistent in their intentions of wholesome hours for their family.

Discover exclusive challenges and monthly training to keep you inspired in your intentions and ideas of how to fill those 1,000 hours with wholesomeness.  

The 1000 Wholesome Hours Challenge includes FIVE training that walks you through my Intention Framework coupled with my Wholesome Framework so you can become a C.L.I.P. parent (don't worry, you'll understand what that means inside the challenge!) and discover the FOUR areas where you'll want to become intentional with as a Christian parent.  

The Wholesome Stories emails will be sent to your inbox to inspires intentions to persevere through the perils of parenting with action taking ideas keeping you consistent in loving your children through habit formation!

Discover how wholesome thinking can impact your parenting with little effort, once you understand how to turn a situation into a seeding opportunity.  

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