Isn't It Something How An Interested Child Can Learn Anything?
There’s just something amazing about children who eagerly learn because they are interested. Let’s make this the year you plan lessons that will interest your kids and teach them what they need to know the way the brain learns. 
We'll Do It Together!
Let's start by understanding how the brain works to learn, and then you can plan lessons that interests your children.
Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop is a 5-part video workshop where I walk with you step-by-step through the Planning Framework that turns your lesson plans into retained knowledge … that your children willingly carry into adulthood and marks out a career, even if your kids are falling behind, struggling learners, or hate school! (yes, really!)

And it is just the beginning of teaching your children a Christian education …

Are we about to become teaching besties? Yea, I think we’re about to become teaching besties!

Retained knowledge is the evidence of education.
Lesson plans that doesn't engage the mind is never retained. 
When lessons become checklists to get through and drag on longer than the brain has attention, we rarely accept or retain the information presented in the lesson.

In all of your education, what things do you remember?

Level up your homeschool, just in time to earn eager attention,
before it is too late.

We all have memories of our education, griping and complaining over subjects that we grew to hate, and longing for the time when had our diploma and follow interests that were dominating our minds. 

 The idea of freedom to learn what we wanted …

 The longing to start living the life that awaited us on the other side of the diploma …

 The feeling that nothing we were learning were things we needed in ‘real life', while cramming for tests …

 These are all from the result of lack of interest  — and rejected ideas — that our brains quickly forgot.

Education naturally teach our children character and conduct.

But What You Don't Realize…

Curriculum is so much more than intellectual education. Curriculum should also teach spiritual, moral, and physical education.

And I'm not just saying that!

As Christian homeschool parents, we get so focused on appeasing homeschool laws, and all the life demands keep us exhausted while the weight of our children's education rests on our shoulders, sometimes we forget about why we decided to homeschool our children in the beginning.

We forget that when want to impress on their hearts a Christian faith or how we desire to form good habits in their lives, instead we get so wrapped up in curriculum choices and SOLs that we miss our purpose in homeschooling, and experiencing our children retaining the knowledge we desire them to willingly carry into adulthood while marking out their careers. 

I'm going to be brutally honest …
If your government is teaching children character and conduct that goes against God's laws are acceptable and taught as ‘okay' to practice, while keeping you, as their parents, at arm length and in chains, you may think that this education won't defile your children, and because it is ‘free' education, you go along with it, while doing what you can to ‘unteach' the lessons you don't agree with. Prayer and Bible, God and Jesus, faith and religion are all taboo and prohibited in public schools. Education is never free. There is a cost to what your child learns.

Are you willing to pay the cost of ‘free' or ‘low cost' education?

Are you aware that 70% of young adults, ages 18-24 are walking away from their childhood faith and conforming to the conduct of this world? This is happening within families that children attended public schools, private schools, and homeschools. The truth to this exodus of faith is that curriculum determines the culture.
What if you invested in the BEST curriculum that aligns with your faith while preparing your children with the skills to take their place in society with their career marked out?
Yes, curriculum can be expensive, but what about the cost of eternity? 

Curriculum matters. A small investment in a planning framework is a way to become equipped to become intentional about the curriculum choices you make, the lessons plans you create, and how to ensure you've earned your children's eager attention to the wholesome ideas while developing dominant ideas that mark out their careers.

I'm telling you! When I began to teach our children with the BEST curriculum for them, individually, I was able to earn their eager attention, and seeing them willingly carry a Christian faith into adulthood, prepared for careers. For me, this is so much more than just offering a 5-day workshop. 

I truly want to equip you to live out your purpose to homeschool … faithfully, so you can teach your children a Christian education they retain and willingly carry into adulthood.

Teaching the way the brain learns naturally is the only way to do that.



Hey, I'm Dollie Freeman!

Christian curriculum changed my life. Early in my education, if you told me that, I wouldn't have really understand what that really meant. But then I began to teach our children at home, and I listened to the well-meaning advice of friends and curriculum creators.  

I was choosing curriculum but not understanding the impact my choices could play in who our children became.

Quickly I realized that my curriculum choices for our first year of homeschool was wrong, COMPLETELY WRONG, and I regretted my mistake in my selections. 

I knew I wanted to teach our children a Christian education, so I began to search for new curriculum to make changes just 6 weeks into our first homeschool year.   

What started as a ‘curriculum change' resulted in me discovering Charlotte Mason and becoming a student of her original writings since 1999 … to realize that I must teach the way the brain learns with the BEST selections. But there's more to it.  

Somewhere between curriculum choices and homeschool lessons …
I finally started to witness how the brain learns naturally.
I began to ignite vital sparks of interests and provide our children with the time and tools with the wholesome ideas inspired within their curriculum.

You might not use the Charlotte Mason method to homeschool your kids, but if you want the years of sacrifices to homeschool your kids to matter after graduation, you must discover how to teach the way the brain learns. And as I mentioned before, retained knowledge is the evidence of education.

Yes! This method works in high school, too! Our daughter graduated Liberty University with Summa Cum Laude honors and additional national honor recognition.

As Christian homeschool parents, we need to plan the BEST lessons to not only appease homeschool laws, but raise self-disciplined Christians that take their place in society at their BEST with careers marked out.

That’s what planning a wholesome curriculum did for our children,
and I know that’s what planning a wholesome curriculum for your children will do for you!

OK, so we're going to jump into this together, right?!

Don’t worry! This isn’t just going to be another chore on your to-do list. 

This is going to be the most valuable thing you can do for your family. I promise!
(Pssst… You can even tell your husband that I said he'd think me later if you let go of some things to get through this workshop)
This framework of mine gave me the chance to change my curriculum choices into wholesome curriculum …

But it wasn't just about curriculum. It was because I taught the way the brain naturally learned, because of this simple and effective framework.

With even the most basic planning framework …

This simple change of curriculum makes planning more meaningful.

Whether you want more motivation during lesson times or you want to have better curriculum selections, or maybe you want to get your kids to take ownership of their education … Teach the way the brain learns is the perfect skill to master.

Just Imagine…

… Your children eager to start their lessons

… Support in your curriculum selections, from your spouse

… Appeasing homeschool laws because progress is evident each and every year

… Bringing joy back into your homeschool

… YES! even getting the reward of your adult children willingly carrying YOUR Christian faith into adulthood

I found that when I started teaching the way the brain learns!

I Want That For You, Too!

So I put together something pretty awesome to share…


Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop will show you how to teach the way the brain learns (and beyond!) with a ‘tried and proven planning framework'. You can earn your children's eager attention with your curriculum choices!

Here's What's Included:  

THE WHOLESOME INFLUENCES WAY for teaching your children a Christian education aligns with how the brain naturally learns. More than just teaching intellectual knowledge, this series of 5 trainings gives you a solid foundation for raising wholesome thinkers when you plan a wholesome curriculum!

Understanding How the Brain Learns

with in-depth teaching on my signature planning framework for interested children ready to learn anything… for a Christian education, right from your very first attempt.


so you can pick up all the extra little nuances that make you look like a planning genius, even if you're ready to give in … #thankfulforequipping


that will give every curriculum you want to teach your kids with a solid foundation (putting my years of homeschooling to good use!)

Wholesome Thinkers Insider Secrets

that other course creators might not ever tell you (we go really deep into this one, so be ready to learn!)

A Secret Weapon

that will give you the upper hand in homeschooling (putting your purpose to educate your kids to good use!)




Discover the CORE of this educational method so you can educate the way the brain naturally learns to retain knowledge.

You’ll discover the Function Method that walks you through the ‘doing’ of this method. 


Discover the sole end of a Charlotte Mason education and why WHOLESOME should be your goal with a curriculum.

You’ll discover “Living Formula” that walks you through how to get your interested in your curriculum choices.


Discover how to give your children ownership of their education, once you’ve secured they have learned the mechanics of learning.

You’ll discover the Four Tests for Lessons & how to show progress each and every year with the Confidence Formula.


Discover the key elements that you’ll need to create a schedule that works for YOUR family.

You’ll discover the SIX habits that trains self-disciplined children to go the right way.


Discover what 70% of Christian parents missed knowing that caused their children to reject their childhood faith and conform to the conduct of this world. Secure that your children grow to fruitful purpose when they take their place in society and willingly carry YOUR faith into adulthood.

You’ll discover a step-by-step framework that walks you through the SEVEN stages of self-education.

It took me years to realize how to plan a wholesome curriculum and what I needed to do to teach the way the brain learns naturally, with tons of trials and error, countless mistakes, and about thousands of hours of reading Charlotte Mason's original writings for the key things I needed to know. 
Eventually I figured everything out, piece by piece …

Now, I want to pass my knowledge directly to you, so you can
skip straight to a happier homeschool.

It’s easy to think you can just figure everything out yourself… and it’s true, everything you could ever want to know is somewhere on Google… Or in my case, reading SIX volumes of books writing in 1800, time and time again.


But with Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop, you won’t have to spend hours searching, or over 20 years reading, for all the bits and pieces and then put the puzzle together through trial and error.


Everything you need to know to get started with teaching your kids the way the brain naturally learns is included in Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop, clearly laid out, in the right order… so you can go from start to finish right away.

No guessing, just results!

 Transform your homeschool with a Christian education
the Wholesome Influence way!

But it’s not only that! Give yourself a skill that will equip you to teach the way the brain naturally learns!

  • 5 Video Training Workshop (Value $297)
  • Workbook (Value $27)
  • BONUS: Workshop Community (Value $297)
  • BONUS: Charlotte Mason Mastery Blueprint (Value $29)
  • BONUS: Single Valuable Idea Tracker (Value $12)
  • BONUS: Grading The Charlotte Mason Way (Value $19)
  • BONUS: TOP 10 Non-Consumable Living Resources ($29)
  • BONUS: Four Tests For Lessons (Value $19)




But ACT NOW, because when the clock hits ‘0' the price increases to $47.


Q: When does Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop happen?

A: Everything is pre-recorded. Once you go through the secure checkout process, you'll receive an email to access the workshop hub that includes ALL that comes with this on demand opportunity. You'll be able to come back to the workshop at anytime. 

Q: What if I get in there and have questions?

A: That's what makes the Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop Community so awesome! You can post your questions, troubleshoot any issues, and get all the help and encouragement you need.

Q: I've tried Charlotte Mason before and totally failed. how will Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop help me? 

A: You know, the same thing has happened to so many people. Most people miss the key aspects of what I share inside this workshop that helps you connect all the dots of why this method works beautifully. I've spent thousands of hours, since 1999, reading, organizing, and systemizing Charlotte's method to simplify implementing it in today's homeschooling, and Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop covers everything you need to get started. I'll break down every aspect of how to teach the way the brain naturally learns, from what you need to do first, what is needed to supply a wholesome curriculum, even down to what you need to do to make your homeschool hours a priority. I promise to walk you through the entire framework from start to finish, so you can succeed this time!

Q: What if I already know how to plan homeschool lessons? 

A: There's so much more to planning a wholesome curriculum in the way the brain naturally learns than knowing how to just make curriculum choices. Everything from discerning the right type of curriculum, what makes a curriculum wholesome, and so much more, that you're sure to find gems into this workshop.  

Q: Can't I find all this stuff on the internet? 

A: Well, yes and no. Is every scrap of information I share in Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop lurking somewhere on the internet? Probably. But it would take you hours and hours (days, weeks, and months!) to sift through everything. It took me YEARS! And in the meantime, you'd be choosing all kinds of curriculum that's could very well be ‘twaddle', even if it is labeled as Charlotte Mason friendly or inspired! It's so much easier to learn this framework step by step from someone who devoted over two decades learning from Charlotte's original writings, developed a planning system that takes you from spending months to plan to just hours, who used wholesome curriculum to successfully raise self-disciplined Christians. By securing your spot in Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop, you shortcut the learning process so you can stop wasting time on search engines and well-meaning advice that just gets it wrong, and start planning lessons TODAY.

Q: I've seen you teach this workshop for free. Why should I pay for Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop?

A: The first time I taught Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop, I did offer it for free. However like many of my past workshops, I've either retired them, added to my products, or like in this case, offered it as an on demand workshop for anyone to go through anytime of the year. This is the only place, you'll be able to access this workshop at this time. 

Q: What if I'm a member of one of your memberships or a client in your coaching program, do I still need this?

A: Some of what I teach inside this workshop can be found here and there in my product, but not everything, plus it can't be found in this simple, step-by-step framework as it is here. Members and clients who do the workshop walk away with such clarity that they make better progress in my other products. 

Q: What if I'm completely new to homeschooling and have no clue where to start?

A: Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop is perfect for complete beginners (and struggling veterans), too! I'll show you where to start (odds are that you'll see just how natural this feels). 

Q: How does the workshop work?

A: Once you commit to the workshop, you'll be emailed access to the workshop hub, which is powered by a software called Searchie. That's where all the training and bonuses will be. You can access the hub on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Workshop materials include video leassons, audio, and PDF downlads. You can go through each resource at your own pace, but I urge you to make this a priority because eternity is only ONE influence away.

Q: What all is included?

A: Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop includes everything you need to plan a wholesome curriculum. The workshop has five hour trainings, as well as bonus content, including Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop community. 

Q: Who should do this workshop?

A: It's great for everyone who has is homeschooling, desires their children to retain their education into adulthood, and want to love their homeschooling experience. Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop will help you teach the way the brain naturally learns.

Q: I'm feeling pretty stressed right now | I have a lot going on | there's a lot on my plate at the moment. Why should I commit to Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop? 

A: Where you're feeling too stretched, too depressed, or just too everything. Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop will help. In this workshop, I'm showing you a tried and proven framework that allows you to teach the way the brain naturally learns, plan a wholesome curriculum, and how those curriculum choices form the character and conduct of your children. Wholesome curriculum makes everything better!
  • 5 Video Training Workshop (Value $297)
  • Workbook (Value $27)
  • BONUS: Workshop Community (Value $297)
  • BONUS: Charlotte Mason Mastery Blueprint (Value $29)
  • BONUS: Single Valuable Idea Tracker (Value $12)
  • BONUS: Grading The Charlotte Mason Way (Value $19)
  • BONUS: TOP 10 Non-Consumable Living Resources ($29)
  • BONUS: Four Tests For Lessons (Value $19)




But ACT NOW, because when the clock hits ‘0' the price increases to $47.

Now you're at a crossroads.

What education will your children retain, if you do nothing today? 

Will your homeschool be better for doing nothing?

No… and each time you fight against distractions in lessons, you'll be regretting saying no to this opportunity to homeschool differently … with a wholesome curriculum that educates the brain in the way it naturally learns.

There won't be as many good lessons with your kids.

No eager attention to the lessons you planned for their education.  

You won’t have as many chances to enjoy each homeschooling, experience your children willingly carrying your faith into adulthood, and experience a happier homeschool.

Will your children's education progress over the next few years if you don’t learn how to plan lessons that interest your kids and pass on your Christian faith?

Maybe… but you’ll never know if your kids will retain their education until it is too late

You might miss out on the the sense of accomplishment knowing you have a skill you can use to help your children ALWAYS learn what you've planned for their education.



You’re giving your children a well-rounded education: one in which they become equipped to living out their purpose… faithfully. The gift of equipping will spread into all the other areas of your life, and you’ll find that your homeschool is better with wholesome curriculum in it.
Whether you’re desperate for some break throughs
Thinking about the possibilities and meeting those unfulfilled desires you deserve to have in homeschooling …
 You’ve always been curious about how to get your children to love learning, without the battles of attention …
Or you’re just wanting to learn something powerful you can use in your homeschool …

Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop is for you!

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