Are You Ready To Experience a TANGIBLE Transformation?

It's FINALLY here… 

The Coaching Box that turns your digital experience inside the Wholesome Influencers coaching program into a tangible one that you can touch, see, and use every step of the way. 

Because you're a FOUNDING member, you'll be able to purchase this coaching box at cost so you can stay motivated while implementing week after week through your transformation process. 

This Coaching Box has everything you need to transition your family from the constant conflict to self-discipled Christian conduct. 

All you have to do is open up the box to remove all the overwhelm to gain clarity and confidence as you become a Wholesome Influencer to your family. 


Wholesome Influencers Welcome Letter This one page letter is a way to WELCOME you to this 12-month coaching program and help you gain clarity on where to start. Read this before diving deep into the other pieces… but NOT BEFORE exploring the pieces of the coaching box.

Wholesome Influencers Transformation Journey

This spiral bound book walks you step by step though the learning and implementing of all FOUR levels over a 12 month period. Each season, you'll go through one level, starting with Lasting Influences, Wholesome Couples, Wholesome Thinkers, and Smooth & Easy Days. To ensure you're able to go through all four levels in 12-months, this Transformation Journey breaks down the learning and implementing into weekly assignments. By substituting a 2 – 2 1/2 hour screentime with this coaching program, you'll be making progress toward your family's transition one week at a time, one season at a time.

NOTE: This Transformation Journey takes the place of the individual level's transformation journey. No need to do both with this coaching program!

Transformation Maps

Inside the box, you'll find FOUR Transformation Maps, one for Lasting Influences, Wholesome Couples, Wholesome Thinkers, and Smooth & Easy Days. This map has the grayed out transitions of transformation actions you'll be doing in each level that cordinates with the Transformation Journey.

Transition Stickers

You'll find FOUR packages of stickers for each of the four levels as well. Each package has two pages of stickers that you'll place on the Transformation Map, as you complete the actions.

It is THESE actions that will progress you to your transformation! The Transformation Journey spirial bound book will have images of each of the transition stickers next to the corresponding action assignment, taking all the guesswork out what to do next, while giving you clarity to keep moving forward.

Season of Change Bookmarks

You'll also find FOUR beauitfully designed bookmarks to encourage you in reading the Bible, other books, or keeping your place in your Transformation Journey with the corresponding season you're in with your transformation! Natural Consequences Parental Kit

You'll find beautiful postcards with predetermined consequences for 24 of the most common challenges parents face while raising their children. You'll use these to help you quickly discover the art of creating natural consequences that motivated your children to willingly choose the right way.

Character & Conduct Parental Cue Kit

You'll find beautiful postcards with done for you ‘word triggers' that guide and assist your children in willingly choosing to form good habits that will lead to becoming a self-disciplined Christian.

Last but definitely not least, you'll find one more piece inside your coaching box.

Transformation Card

The Transformation Card has all SEVEN steps you'll need to complete in your first year inside this coaching program so we can donate $100 to Living Water Legacy in YOUR FAMILY'S HONOR!

Your family's transformation will support Christian education across the US helping to change the morals of our culture back to its Christian founding!


Order your box today to experience your family's transformation, one season at a time!

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This offer to purchase this Coaching Box at cost will expire on March 17th, when the price will increase.