If you want an even faster, easier way to
keep your younger kids preoccupied during lessons,
you’ll love this…

Introducing the
Preschool Proof Your Homeschool Kit

This is especially important if feel like homeschool hours are constantly being interrupted by:

  • Your baby who must be held to be content…
  • Your toddler who either gets into everything or is needing your attention nonstop …
  • Your preschooler has to be on electronics or napping for you to do dependent lessons with your older kids …

Your homeschool will be as productive as your youngest child’s habits allow.

And it’s not because your children are horrible. Or you’re failing as a parent. (The fact you’re here tells me you recognize this problem is bigger than any of your family and you desire a solution)

It’s because we, as homeschooling moms, have so many life demands that some days we feel like we're drowning with responsibilities. The fact that our youngest children's habits are getting in the way of our homeschooling productivity is REAL … the education of habits for our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers must become part of our homeschool intentions.  

That’s why you can “plan the perfect lessons” only to never complete what you laid out for a day.

It’s why you can schedule your life on paper but never see it played out the way you expected.

It’s why you go from one interruption to the next while feeling your younger children are under foot and in the way of a productive homeschool day …


And on and on it goes…

The “common reaction” is to schedule homeschool lessons around naps or use of electronics. That plan leaves a homeschool mother exhausted because she doesn't have a moment to just breathe all day. This plan may get lessons done, but never forms habits in a child that would make your future days smoother and easier.

Until you make independent habits a part of your younger children's days, you’ll have never ending demands and endless interruptions. Every. Single. Time. Your. Younger. Children. Are. Awake.

But I have great news. After 24 years homeschooling four children with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, I’ve created a 7 Stage Framework to equip you to make independent habits a part of your younger children's life, even if they are only a few weeks old.  

It’s all inside the Preschool Proof Your Homeschool.

Preschool Proof Your Homeschool Kit

The Preschool Proof Your Homeschool Kit includes a guide, stage cards, car printables that teach colors, numbers, and alphabet, plus practice writing pages so you can form independence habits through play that will not just make your homeschool days smoother and easier, but will also condition your younger children's mind for formal education, when they reach that age.

Preschool Proof Your Homeschool Kit turns your never ending demands and endless interruptions into independent play that sparks vital interests and imagination in your younger children to make them a welcome part of your homeschool routine. 

Here’s a look at what is included:

The Preschool Proof Your Homeschool Kit is designed to influence your younger kids to be form independent habits, which includes:

  • Preschool Proof Your Preschool Guide: This guide walks you through the 7 stage framework that forms independent habits in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers so you can work with your dependent child during homeschool lessons without the never ending directions and endless interruptions. START WITH THIS GUIDE.
  • Stage Cards walks you through the key piece to each stage so you can glance at your next piece to forming independent habits.
  • Teaching With Cards is a digital resource that you'll want to laminate for hours of fun learning colors, numbers, and alphabet, plus getting your preschoolers and Kindergarteners minds conditioned for formal education with hands-on math facts practice and copywork. 

The Preschool Proof Your Homeschool Kit is designed to equip you and your younger kids to:


  • Increase attention span of your younger kids, without the use of electronics, which hinders attention spans greatly
  • Find how to get your children's need for your attention to lessen over time
  • Put your focus on the #1 habit to form during these early years
  • Develop a habit for interruption that will teach your kids to respect you and each other during dependent time that can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Foster imagination that will have your kids thinking of things to do instead of forming the habit of boredom that requires others to entertain their mind
  • Plan hands-on play that will spark vital interests conditioning the mind for formal education


Stop going through your homeschool day thinking that the never ending directions and endless interruptions are normal and just how life will be with little ones.

Become intentional about forming independent habits in your infants, toddlers, and preschoolers that they'll need in their formal education and that will secure smoother and easier days for your homeschool hours.

Get started TODAY!