Congratulations On Grabbing The Homeschool Schedule Approach!

Now that you've secured The Homeschool Schedule Approach, you'll receive two emails…

Email #1: You'll receive a reciept with with a link to access your purchase that redirects to this page. Ignore that link. Instead, look for email #2.

Email #2: You'll receive an email that states Welcome to The Homeschool Schedule Approach Hub. Inside this email, you'll have a link to click so you can REGISTER the product to your account. You'll need to create a password so you can log in to the hub. If you don't log in with the password, after you've register, you will NOT see any content. 


You'll receive a series of emails you do NOT want to miss out on. The first one will be “The Purpose of a Schedule”

Just to be sure you understand that you'll have lifetime access. However, don't put this off too long because well… there's a purpose to having a schedule. . 

Commit to starting TODAY!

Here's to transforming your homeschool for His Kingdom, 

Dollie Freeman