If you want an even faster, easier way to
show progress in your homeschool, you’ll love this…


This is especially important if your kids are:

  • Behind in reading
  • Struggle with math …
  • Unable to spell
  • Unmotivated to write …
  • Cannot come up with why things are a certain way … 

You see, there’s a reason your kids aren't showing progress in their education and it isn't getting better no matter how much you stay on top of their lessons.

And it’s not because your children aren't capable. Or you’re failing as a homeschool mom. (The fact you’re here tells me you recognize this problem is bigger than you want to admit and you desire a solution)

It’s because we as a homeschool culture have accepted that children learn at different stages and delayed learning is normal. The fact that learning challenges is ‘common', doesn't mean it needs to be that way… it means there are things missing in a child's education that engages the mind to learn and our drive for progress creates stress when instant learning isn't happening.  

That’s why you can “teach the a same lesson day after day” only to have your kids completely forget it by the next lesson.

It’s why you can give your kids their assignment but without you beside them doing their lessons with them, nothing gets done. 

It’s why you can see progress in some areas while completely stumped in others, leaving you feeling defeated because …


And the school year goes on and on …

The “common reaction” is to change curriculum because you don't know what else to try. The time a child spends doing lessons drags the hours of homeschooling into dinner time, developing habits of distraction and unmotivated learners. This cycle keeps a checklist of learning in homeschool, but never results in progress in learning.

Until you address the gaps, you’ll have kids who are behind in learning and results in them hating school. Every. Single. Homeschool. Day.

But I have great news. After 23 years homeschooling our kids, two of which that were struggling learners, I’ve created a special kit to equip you to teach the struggling learner, show progress each and every year, and influence your kids to love learning — all without you being the beside them during every lesson. 

It’s all inside the comprehensive “Solving Learning Challenges” Kit.

the “Homeschool PROGRESS” Kit!
This kit contains step-by-step frameworks, teaching tips and tricks, curriculum choices help, and blueprints designed to influence your kids to love learning and show progress each and every year.

You can use this kit anytime your kids are falling behind and get exactly what you need immediately to teach your struggling learners.

Here’s a look at everything you get in this comprehensive kit:

The Homeschool Progress Kit includes EIGHT main pieces designed to equip you to influence your kids to love learning which includes:


  • The Homeschool Progress Kit: This three video training series walks you through the mechanics, milestones, and momentum of homeschool progress for individual students START WITH THIS VIDEO TRAINING. 
  • FOUR mechanics of learning Stages of Transitions Blueprints that includes Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Thinking.
  • Confidence Baseline™ Tracker is a digital book that outlines what you should be tracking to identify your child's confidence baseline™ so you can adjust your homeschool plans to ensure you child shows progress each and every year.
  • Curriculum Changes: The What, When, & How To Curriculum Choices: walks you through the lessons I've learned about how to avoid mid-year curriculum changes by understanding how to make the best curriculum choices from the start while having confidence to know when you need to change curriculum for your child's sake.

The Homeschool PROGRESS Kit is designed to equip you to:

  • Know how to influence your kids to love learning
  • Find out the stages of transitions for the FOUR mechanics of learning
  • Identify your child's Confidence Baseline™ in the FOUR mechanics of learning
  • Get your motivated to learn
  • Teach the struggling learner
  • Show progress in your homeschool each and every year
  • The What, When & How to Curriculum Challenges
  • And much more!


In the past, we have sold parts of this kit separately while other parts have been saved for our clients. We could sell this comprehensive kit for $197. And we may in the future. 

But our heart is to help solve learning challenges homeschool parents face EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That's why we're offering the “Homeschool PROGRESS” Kit for $67. 


    • The Homeschool Progress Kit Value $47
    • Four Mechanics of Learning Stages of Transitions $150
    • Confidence Baseline™ Tracker Value $19
    • Curriculum Changes: The What, When, & How To Curriculum Choices Value $47

Total Value $216