If you want an even faster, easier way to
influence your kids to get along, you’ll love this…

Introducing the Comprehensive
“Sibling” Kit!

This is especially important if you your children are always together and you experience:

  • Constant conflict that you feel like you're always getting in the middle to stop the strife from esclating…
  • Endless friction due to a child ignoring another child …
  • Persistent plucking of the last nerve of each other …

You see, there’s a reason all the “strife” you’ve children experience isn't getting better no matter how much you stay on top of them.

And it’s not because your children are horrible. Or you’re failing as a parent. (The fact you’re here tells me you recognize this problem is bigger than any of your family and you desire a solution)

It’s because we as a culture have accepted sibling strife as a normal dynamic of a family. The fact that sibling strife is ‘common', doesn't mean it is normal… it means it is part of a sinful nature made stronger by repetitive allowances that formed habits of action and reaction inside a relationship.  

That’s why you can “get in the middle of your kids” only to have them yell over you and point fingers to put the blame on each other.

It’s why you can separate your kids but they find ways to antagonize each other with just looks.

It’s why you can plan family time but your kids ruin the time with insults thrown at each other, leaving you feeling defeated because …


And on and on it goes…

The “common reaction” is prioritizing outside friendships to satisfy the human desire for relationships. The time a family spends together sums up with alone time, in separate rooms, developing different hobbies and growing apart. This reaction keeps peace in the home, but never deals with the root cause to the conflict.

Until you address the root cause, you’ll have constant conflict and endless friction. Every. Single. Time. Your. Children. Come. Together.

But I have great news. After 29 years raising four children with minimal sibling strife, I’ve created a special kit to equip you to become aware of the sinful nature causing the sibling strife and influence them to get along — all without you being the glue that holds your kids together. 

It’s all inside the comprehensive “Solving Sibling Strife” Kit.

Introducing the Comprehensive
The “Sibling” Kit!
This kit contains frameworks, scriptures, sibling time ideas, and consequences for designed to influence your kids to get along willingly.

You can use this kit anytime you’re having trouble and get exactly what you need immediately to form new habits that turns fighting, ignoring, and provoking siblings into best friends. 

Here’s a look at everything you get in this comprehensive kit:

The Sibling Kit is an EIGHT step framework designed to equip you to influence your kids to get along which includes:

  • Influencing Your Kids To Get Along: This video training walks you through the eight step framework and the resources that will equip you to solve the sibling strife in your home. START WITH THIS VIDEO.
  • Influential Referee walks you through your role in your children's relationship to know how to get started to influence your kids to get along..
  • The Best Friend Approach is a digital book that speaks to the Biblical relationship siblings should be fostering with each other.
  • Friends Bible Verses: Use these 12 Bible verses to instruct the conscience of your children in the Biblical relationship they should be building together.
  • Color Coded Sibling Time includes mom approved wholesome occupations for siblings to do together.
  • Preferring One Another is a step by step framework of how to train the habits of selflessness in your children
  • Encouraging One Another is a step by step framework of how to train your children in a Christian habit we are all called to live out faithfully
  • 5 Strife Consequences includes predetermined natural consequences for both rewards and punishments to influence your kids to get along.
The Sibling Kit is designed to equip you and your kids to:

  • Know how to influence your kids to get along
  • Find how to parent your kids in their relationship with each other
  • Get your kids spending quality time together … willingly
  • Instruct your kids conscience with scripture
  • Form the habit of selflessness and a Christian habit we're all called to do
  • Predetermined consequences to influence your kids to do the right thing


We could sell this comprehensive kit for $67. And we may in the future.

But our heart is to help solve a big challenge Christian parents face VERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That's why we're offering the “Sibling” Kit for $27.