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Start Show Progress In Your Homeschool

Solving Learning Challenges Kit includes EIGHT main pieces designed to equip you to influence your kids to progress in learning which includes:

  • The Homeschool Progress Kit: This three video training series walks you through the mechanics, milestones, and momentum of homeschool progress for individual students and includes the FOUR mechanics of learning Stages of Transitions Blueprints that includes Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Thinking. START WITH THIS VIDEO TRAINING. 
  • Teaching a Struggling Learner walks you through my own journey of going from a Kindergarten teacher that successfully taught over 20 kids, including our first child to read, and what I did to unlock the secret to teaching our second child as a struggling learner.
  • Confidence Baseline™ Tracker is a digital book that outlines what you should be tracking to identify your child's confidence baseline™ so you can adjust your homeschool plans to ensure you child shows progress each and every year.
  • Curriculum Changes: The What, When, & How To Curriculum Choices: walks you through the lessons I've learned about how to avoid mid-year curriculum changes by understanding how to make the best curriculum choices from the start while having confidence to know when you need to change curriculum for your child's sake. 
  • The Child's Educational Journal walks you through key elements to journal for each individual child to ensure you're planning homeschool lessons that will provide progress and a lasting knowledge. 
  • The Homeschool Progress Workshop is a 5 day training that walks you step by step through the Progress Framework that equips you to understand what you should be focused on to show progress each year.
  • Eliminating Behavioral Issues In Your Homeschool is a video training, with a Blueprint and framework that walks you through identifying and eliminating the bad habits stopping you from having productive homeschool hours. 
  • The Motivated Learner Workshop is a 5-day training that walks you step by step through the Motivated Framework that equips you to raise motivated learners who take ownership of their education.
  • PLUS: Solve Learning Challenges Poster Set is a set of three posters that equip you to identify gaps in your children's education, show progress each and every year, and motivate your kids to love learning..

    The Solving Learning Challenges Kit is designed to equip you to:
  • Know how to influence your kids to love learning
  • Find out the stages of transitions for the FOUR mechanics of learning
  • Identify your child's Confidence Baseline™ in the FOUR mechanics of learning
  • Get your motivated to learn
  • Teach the struggling learner
  • Show progress in your homeschool each and every year
  • The What, When & How to Curriculum Challenges
  • And much more!