Isn't It Something How An Obedient Child Can Bring a Big Smile to Your Face?

There’s just something powerful about willing obedient children. Let’s make this the year you set yourself up for willing obedience and lasting influences. 

We'll Do It Together!

Let's start by understanding how influence works, and then you can raise obedience children.

Influence Your Kids Workshop is a 5-part video workshop where I walk with you step-by-step through the Influence Framework that turns your kids into willing obedient ones within weeks… that can be used in any situation, even if you're butting heads, battling the wills, or even facing rebellion! (yes, really!)

And it is just the beginning of raising self-disciplined children …

Are we about to become influencing besties? Yea, I think we’re about to become influencing besties!

Willing obedience is the evidence of influence.

Instant obedience that is forced is never willing. 

When instant obedience is forced and is praised, we rarely influence the heart, and form habits that are quickly shed once choice is premitted.

In all of your years, have you ever willingly repeated anything you were forced to do?

Level up your parenting, just in time to reach your children's hearts, before it is too late.

We all have memories of complaining under our breath, griping and complaining over having to do something we didn't want to do, and longing for the time when we no longer have to obey our parents. 

 The idea of freedom to make our choice …

 The longing to be our own master …

 The sneaking behind our parent's back, while appearing to obey in front of our parents …

 These are all from the result of lost influence  — and your children — are no different.

Parents naturally influence their children from birth, just because THEY are THEIR parents.

But What You Don't Realize…

Influence is so much more than just about what you want your children to do in the moment. We have the power to change their thoughts, opinions and behavior.

And I'm not just saying that!

As Christian parents, we get so tied up in the moment, and all the life demands we are responsible for each and every day, sometimes we forget about the things that matter most.

We forget that when we take the time to get our children to willingly do what we ask or to do it because it is the right thing to do, it actually gives us some much needed respect and honor that helps us be a better parent, a better example, and experience a happier household.


I'm going to use an analogy…

If your government forces you to obey, while keeping you subject and in compliant to laws, ordinances, and restrictions that goes against your thoughts and opinions, you may complain your way through obedience, by you've lost all respect, honor, and appreciation for the offices they hold. You know what I'm talking about. Parenting can't run the same way as an ungodly government, but for the good of those they are in the position to serve, to better their life. 

What if it's even more than that?!

What if beyond parenting, influence could open your children's heart even more to their heavenly Father? I try not to get wrapped up in politics, but something it's hard not to see what has become of our culture and blame the government. They have an agenda against our children that goes to the core of a human being… their faith. Immorality, abmonations, Ugh! I hate even the thought of it.

What if influence could be your family's protection for everything the enemy has planned ahead?

Yes, obedient to parents, but what about the opportunity to raise children who willingly obey God's way and carry YOUR faith into adulthood? 

This matters. A small investment in an influence framework is a way to become equipped to raise obedient children who are self-disciplined Christians. By adding this framework of influence into your parenting will help you overcome the constant conflict and endless friction i your parenting.

I'm telling you! When I began to use influence in my parenting and in our homeschool curriculum, I was able to fight for our children, not with them. For me it's so much more than just offering a 5-day workshop. 

I truly want to equip you to live out your faith… faithfully, so you can influence your children to willingly obey you, as their parent, and God.

Influence is the only way of doing that.



Hey, I'm Dollie Freeman!

Wholesome influences changed my life. Early in my parenthood, if you told me that, I wouldn't have really understand what that really meant. But then I lost my joy, as a wife, and homeschool mom of two kids, with one on the way. 

I was living my dream but nothing brought me joy in the day to day.

Eventually I realized that I was being influenced to desire a life that wasn't real and I was parenting with emotions, not intentions. 

I'd long admired a happy homeschool, so I became a lifelong student of Charlotte Mason, an educator from the 1800's that was influencing our homeschool and in that time, she began to influence my parenting, along with Scripture. 

What started as a ‘homeschool journey with a self-education approach' turned into something more… parenting with influence! But there's more to it. 

Somewhere between homeschool lessons and life's demands …

I finally started to become the mother I'd always thought I'd be.

I began to govern our children with Scripture and that allowed me to be a better wife for my husband, and a better mother to our children.

You might not homeschool your kids, but we all have things in our lives that keep us bogged down, stressed out, and disappointed. And as I mentioned before, there is an agenda against our children.

As Christian parents, we need to be our best selves to not only raise obedient children, but influence them to become self-disciplined Christians

That’s what becoming a wholesome influencer did for me,
and I know that’s what becoming a wholesome influencer to your children will do for you!

OK, so we're going to jump into this together, right?!

Don’t worry! This isn’t just going to be another chore on your to-do list. 

This is going to be the most valuable thing you can do for your family. I promise!
(Pssst… You can even tell your husband that I said he'd think me later if you let go of some things to get through this workshop)

This framework of mine gave me the chance to change my emotional parenting habits into intentional parenting …

But it wasn't just about me. My influence brought joy and delight to my children and husband. Stressful evenings turned into beautiful family times, because of this simple and effective framework.

With even the most basic influence framework …

This simple change of in parenting becomes an unmistakable act of love.

Whether you want more obedience or you want to have a better relationship with your kids, or maybe you want to get your spouse to parent your way … Influence is the perfect skill to learn.

Just Imagine…

… Your children willingly obeying you, even over things you currently are butting heads over

… Support in your parenting style, from your spouse

… Impressing neighbors, family, and friends because they can see the change happening to your kids

… Bringing joy back into your parenting

… Maybe even getting the reward of your adult children willingly carrying YOUR Christian faith into adulthood

I found that when I started influencing my family!

I Want That For You, Too!

So I put together something pretty awesome to share…


Influence Your Kids Workshop will show you how to open your children's heart (and beyond!) with a ‘tried and proven influence framework'. You can inspire your children to listen with the very first attempt!

Here's What's Included:  

THE WHOLESOME INFLUENCES WAY for getting your children to willingly obey, every time. More than just influence basics and parenting tips, this series of 5 workshops gives you a solid foundation for becoming a wholesome influencer to your family!

Understanding How Influence Works

with in-depth teaching on my signature influence framework for happy children ready to mold into anything… for Godly obedience, right from your very first attempt.


so you can pick up all the extra little nuances that make you look like a friendly ally, even if you're ready to give in … #thankfulforsecondchances


that will give every idea you want to influence your kids with a solid foundation (putting my years of parenting to good use!)

Wholesome Influencing Insider Secrets

that other course creators might not ever tell you (we go really deep into this one, so be ready to learn!)

A Secret Weapon

that will give you the upper hand in parenting (putting your faith to good use!)





In the first training, I'll go over the basics to get you set up to influence your kids. Plus, I’ll guide you through the 69-page workbook that takes you from commiting to this workshop to committing to being a wholesome influencer to your kids. 



In the second training, I'll highlight some key things in parenting that is causing the problems. Then I'll teach you what to do differently to make all the difference to fighting for your kids, not fighting with them. 



In the third training, I'll share a secret that will get you into your child's mind like you did when they were younger and listening to everything you told them to do.  



In the fourth training, I'll walk you through the step-by-step a habit framework that will turn your constant conflict into willing obedience easier than you could imagine. 



In the fifth training, I'll share with you the secret that most parents never come to learn and that is how to raise self-disciplined children. 

It took me years to recognize what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do differently, with tons of trials and error, countless mistakes, and about thousands of hours of wasted searching for the one key thing I needed to know. 

Eventually I figured everything out, piece by piece …

Now, I want to pass my knowledge directly to you, so you can skip straight to the a happier household.

It’s easy to think you can just figure everything out yourself… and it’s true, everything you could ever want to know is somewhere on Google… Or in my case, reading SIX volumnes of books writting in 1800 and the Bible, time and time again.


But with Influence Your Kids Workshop, you won’t have to spend hours searching, or over 20 years reading, for all the bits and pieces and then put the puzzle together through trial and error.


Everything you need to know about influencing your kids to obey you, and God, is included in Influence Your Kids Workshop, clearly laid out, in the right order… so you can go from start to finish right away.

No guessing, just results!

 Change your family with influence the Wholesome Influence way!

But it’s not only that! Give yourself a skill that will open hearts you never thought possible!

  • 5 Video Training Workshop (Value $297)
  • Workbook (Value $27)
  • BONUS: Workshop Community (Value $297)
  • BONUS: The 365 Bible Plan (Value $19)
  • BONUS: Faithful Bible Verse Cards (Value $12)





Q: When does Influence Your Kids Workshop happen?

A: Everything is pre-recorded. Once you go through the secure checkout process, you'll receive an email to access the workshop hub that includes ALL that comes with this opportunity. You'll be able to come back to the workshop at anytime. 

Q: What if I get in there and have questions?

A: That's what makes the Influence Your Kids Community so awesome! You can post your questions, troubleshoot any issues, and get all the help and encouragement you need.

Q: I've tried other parenting approaches and totally failed. How will Influence Your Kids Workshop help me? 

A: You know, the same thing happened to me. My first attempt at parenting intentionally had some good things about it, but some key things nearly cost me my relationship with my daughter. Now I've gone through the good, bad, and ugly of parenting with influence to know where all the trouble spots are, and Influence Your Kids Workshop covers everything you need to get started. I'll break down every aspect of influence, from what you need to do first, what is needed to stop fighting with your kids, even down to what you need to do to make all the difference quickly. I promise to walk you through the entire framework from start to finish, so you can succeed this time!

Q: What if I already know how to get my children to obey? 

A: There's so much more to being a wholesome influencer than knowing how to get your children to obey. Everything from discerning if they are willingly obeying you to, what is getting in the way of influencing your kids, parenting tips, and more… it all affects how your influence makes a difference. I'm revealing all my pro secrets so you can go from “forcing obedience” to “influencing obedience” in the home!

Q: Can't I find all this stuff on the internet? 

A: Well, yes and now. Is every scrap of information I share in Influence Your Kids Workshop lurking somewhere on the internet? Probably. Bit it would take you hours and hours (days, weeks, and months!) to sift through everything. And in the meantime, you'd be picking up all kinds of information that's incomplete, unhelpful, and even flat wrong! It's so much easier to learn this framework step by step from someone who admits mistakes and found a way to correct them, while successfully raising three (almost four) self-disciplined Christians, who willingly carried my faith into adulthood. By securing your spot in Influencing Your Kids Workshop, you shortcut the learning process so you can stop wasting time on search engines and non-effective approaches that damages relationships, and start influencing your kids TODAY.

Q: I've seen you teach this workshop for free. Why should I pay for Influence Your Kids Workshop?

A: The first time I taught Influence Your Kids Workshop, I did offer it for free. However like many of my past workshops, I've either retired them, added to my products, or like in this case, offered it as a pre-recorded workshop for anyone to go through anytime of the year. This is the only place, you'll be able to access this workshop.

Q: What if I'm a member of one of your memberships or a client in your coaching program, do I still need this?

A: The influence framework is woven into everything that I offer, but it can't be found in this simple, step-by-step framework as it is here. Members and clients who do the workshop walk away with such clarity that they make better progress in my other products. 

Q: What if I'm completely new to parenting and have no clue where to start?

A: Influence Your Kids Workshop is perfect for complete beginners (and struggling veterans), too! I'll show you where to start (odds are that you'll see just how natural this feels). 

Q: How does the workshop work?

A: Once you commit to the workshop, you'll be emailed access to the workshop hub, which is powered by a software called Searchie. That's where all the training and bonuses will be. You can access the hub on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Workshop materials include video leassons, audio, and PDF downlads. You can go through each resource at your own pace, but I urge you to make this a priority because eternity is only ONE influence away.

Q: What all is included?

A: Influence Your Kids Workshop includes everything you need to become a wholesome influencer. The workshop has five hour trainings, as well as bonus content, including Influence Your Kids community. 

Q: Who should do this workshop?

A: It's great for everyone who has children in their life, from Christian parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and more. Influence Your Kids Workshop will help you influence obedience.

Q: I'm feeling pretty stressed right now | I have a lot going on | there's a lot on my plate at the moment. Why should I commit to Influence Your Kids Workshop? 

A: Where you're feeling too stretched, too depressed, or just too everything. Influence Your Kids Workshop will help. In this workshop, I'm showing you a tried and proven framework that allows you to form self-disciplined habits that will take a lot off your plate. Influence makes everything better!
  • 5 Video Training Workshop (Value $297)
  • Workbook (Value $27)
  • BONUS: Workshop Community (Value $297)
  • BONUS: The 365 Bible Plan (Value $19)
  • BONUS: Faithful Bible Verse Cards (Value $12)




Now you're at a crossroads.

What influences will your children willingly obey, if you do nothing today?

Will your family be better for doing nothing?

No… and each time you fight with your kids, you'll be regretting saying no to this opportunity to parent differently … with wholesome influences that change the thoughts, opinions, and behavior of your kids.

There won't be as many good times with your kids.

No willing obedience to the right things.  

You won’t have as many chances to enjoy each other's company, experiment meaningful discussions, and exercise a happier household.

Will your relationships survive the next few years if you don’t learn how to influence your kids and pass on your Christian faith?

Maybe… but you’ll never know if your kids will become part of the rising 70% of young adults who reject their childhood faith and conform to the conduct of this world.

You might miss out on the peace of mind knowing you have a skill you can use to help your family ALWAYS choose the right way.



You’re giving yourself a new reality: one in which you’re living out your faith… faithfully.
The gift of grace will spread into all the other areas of your life, 
and you’ll find that your life is better with influence in it.
Whether you’re desperate for some breath through
Thinking about the possibilities and meeting those unfulfilled desires you deserve to have in parenting…
 You’ve always been curious about how to get your children to willingly obey, without the battles of the wills …
Or you’re just wanting to learn something powerful you can share with your family …

Influence Your Kids Workshop is for you!

Click the button below to get started now!