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You see, Christian parents need an upper hand against the influences of this world that is truly stealing our children from us.

Knowing that parents beat themself up over doing their best in the moment, albeit with emotional parenting, it is all they know.

Cautioning Christian parents of challenges they need to be aware of and overcome as consistent, loving, intentional, and persevering parents who are living out their faith the best they can, is how I can help YOU become more successful at raising self-disciplined children who willingly carry their faith into adulthood.

Knowledge is power.

Our mission at Wholesome Influences™ is to equip Christian parents with tried and proven frameworks, resources, and curriculum that will educate the whole child intellectually, spiritaully, morally, and physically.

Our purpose is to significantly decrease the rising statistic that states … 70% of young adults between the ages of 18 through 24 are rejecting their Christian faith and conforming the conduct of this world.

Not only do we NOT want to see Christianity die out, as it is in danger of doing at this rate of decline, but to go into all the world to preach the gospel so that families, like yours, can live out their faith… faithfully!

That means, we, Christian parents, have to do things differently!

Forming the habit of self-disciplined in faith is the answer, for us, and our children.

That's why I've created 31 Challenges Christian Parents Face When Trying to Raise Self-Disciplined Children.

Inside this resource, I'll provide you with 31 vital things you need to be doing RIGHT now to raise self-disciplined children.

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