Are You Ready To Raise Obedient Children, Without Having To Raise Your Voice?

Hosted by Dollie Freeman, Owner of Wholesome Influences


And I’ll Show You How To Quickly Influence Your Kids And Raise Them To Willingly Obey You.

(This Can Work Even If You Currently Are Butting Heads, Battling the Wills, Or Having Power Struggles Over Everything…!)

“Raise Obedient Children” Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step 

How To “Influence” Your Children And Form the Habit of Obedience …

…And Begin To Experience A Happier Household Without Fighting Your Way Through The Day
Or ‘Giving In' To Avoid The Battles All Together!

Here’s What You’ll Learn During This

4-Hour ‘Raise Obedient Children' Event!


We’re not wasting any time! We kick off the ‘Raise Obedient Children' 4-hour event by calling out the REAL enemy to your family's current situation, the tactics the enemy is using to turn your children's hearts against you, and helping you see why you must break this cycle NOW!

You’ll walk away from this session having learned…

  • Take Your Thoughts Captive Framework! How to “arm yourself spiritually” against the REAL enemy and how to use it for your family to break the cycle NOW.
  • What the SECRET is to opening your children's heart (and why it makes all the difference to your household …)
  • Plus the TRUTH about Influence & How It REALLY Works! Discover why the older children get, the less they listen to what you want them to do!



In session two, I’ll show you the foundation EVERY PARENT should build, regardless of what your household looks like now. This is when you understand how to transform your family, prepping to implement it IMMEDIATELY!

You’ll walk away from this session having learned…

  • The single greatest tool you have RIGHT NOW to influence your kids without being harsh or having to force obedience.
  • How to quickly “influence your child's mind” that gets their attention, connects to their mind, and positions them for the coming changes to your household.
  • Phases of Digesting Ideas! Discover the FIVE phases of how ideas are digested that EVERYONE goes through (including adults), and the key to leveraging these phases to influence your kids.



In session three, I’ll show you why parenting MUST look different, if you want your children to willingly carry your faith into adulthood. This is when you understand how to influence your children to go the right way, with a framework to use IMMEDIATELY!

You’ll walk away from this session having learned…

  • The single mistake parents make regularly and what to do instead.
  • How to equip your kids “to want the right things” that forms habits that they willingly carry into adulthood.
  • How consequences work! Discover the science behind why consequences work, and it's probably not what you think it is.

In session four, I’ll show you how to emulate your Heavenly Father's example of love, regardless of how your children are behaving. This is when you understand how to raise obedient children who willingly carry YOUR faith into adulthood!

You’ll walk away from this session having learned…

  • The TWO attributes of God that makes all of the difference in parenting.
  • How to set the ‘obedience standard' in your family that will reprogram the mind to new behavior – willingly!
  • Phases of Discipline! Discover the SEVEN phases of discipline that demonstrates the Biblical love of our Heavenly Father that explains where grace and mercy comes into parenting and why it is important!!


And the BEST part …. It's ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Wholesome Influences has partnered with New Kent Christian School to bring this 4-Hour event free to their community.

Space is limited and being promoted to parents of their school, church, and community.

To reserve your spot, begin the registration process below to gain access to this FREE event being held on Sunday, November 20th from 2 pm – 6 pm at New Kent Christian Center, in the sanctuary.  

Once you add your information below, the second stage of registration is to let us know if you'll need child care. Only those that sign up for this free service will be able to bring their children. Don't skip this second stage if you need child care!

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