Discover The Motivation Framework That Helps You Make Curriculum Choice, Capture Your Children’s Attention, and Get Your Kids To Do Their Lessons, Without Constant Nagging

The Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop is a 5-day LIVE workshop where I walk with you step-by-step through the Motivation Framework that turns your unmotivated homeschool into a motivated homeschool in just FIVE DAYS… that can be used with any curriculum, even if you're unsure about Charlotte Mason, dealing with kids who are behind in their education, or even unable to focus on their lesson …. and hate homeschool! 

And it is just the beginning of experience motivated homeschool days …

Are you ready to REALLY discover what goes into planning a Charlotte Mason homeschool? 

JUNE 24th – JUNE 28th

Interests drives a person to be motivated.

Unmotivated homeschool days are days lived without interest.

When unmotivated days become the normal in one's life, we rarely understand what needs to change or how to plan lessons differently so homeschooling can be rewarding and enjoyable.

Interest is how you turn unmotivated homeschool days into motivated ones.



Hey, I'm Dollie Freeman! 

Interest changed our homeschooling. After teaching 20 children to read, as a Kindergarten teacher, and our first child, I was stumped trying to get our second child, with undiagnosed dyslexia, to read. Nothing I tried worked to get him to retain his reading lessons and show progress. Until I discovered how to use interest to motivate learning.  

I was stuck in the mindset that education looked one way, because of my own experience in school and as a teacher.

Eventually I realized that if I didn't do something different, our second child would keep falling farther and farther behind in the subjects he couldn't retain. 

I so desired to have our children motivated in their education, but never expected to uncover the secrets hidden within Charlotte Mason's writings to turning our unmotivated homeschool days into motivated homeschools days so quickly.   

Somewhere between reading Charlotte Mason's writings and implementing the method …

I finally understood how to plan the way Charlotte Mason intended.

I began to plan interest-led curriculum that earned the eager attention of our children and planned it in a way that motivated them to take ownership of their lessons so you can form habits of self-discipline.

You might struggle with your kids not staying focused or paying attention the moment you leave their side but that can all change if you change the way you plan your children's lessons. .

As homeschool moms, we need to plan lessons the way retention happens naturally with interest-led curriculum, the way Charlotte Mason intended, based on her study of the brain.

That’s what creating interest-led plans did for me,
and I know that’s what motivating your kids to learn will do for you!

OK, so we're going to jump into this together, right?!

Don’t worry! This isn’t just going to be another Charlotte Mason, or homeschool, training. 

This is going to be the most valuable thing you can do for your homeschool. I promise!
(Pssst… You can even tell your husband that I said he'd think me later if you let go of some things to get through this workshop)

Here's What's You'll Discover:  

Charlotte Mason's method the way she intended for motivating your kids to take ownership of their lessons. More than just Charlotte Mason's basics and homeschool tips, this series of 5 workshops walks you through how to make curriculum choice, capture your children’s attention, and get your kids to do their lessons, without constant nagging

The Motivation Mindset

how a simple change to how you plan can make all the difference to the way your homeschool year goes.

The Interest Secret

use these TWO proven ways to get your kids interested in any curriculum you choose.

The Living Method

helps you know what Charlotte Mason intended to be planned for all ages  

The Ownership Approach

 the two parts to getting your kids to willingly take ownership of their lessons

The Progress Test

use these TWO proven evaluations methods to determine how your children progress all through the year


Introducing The Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop

The Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop is FREE and includes five LIVE training and Q&A, a 25-page workbook, and a LIMITED TIME Replay access that walks you step-by-step through the Motivation Framework so you make curriculum choice, capture your children’s attention, and get your kids to do their lessons, without constant nagging

Here's is what is taught each day of this 5-day workshop:




In the first training, I'll share the four pillars of a Charlotte Mason homeschool. By the end of this training, you'll know the WHY an interest-led curriculum is the NEW way of planning… the way Charlotte Mason intended. 



In the second training, I'll teach you TWO ways to spark vital interest in your children, so you can plan a feast for your children's education.



In the third training, I'll separate TWO types of curriculum while explaining WHY your past curriculum decisions caused constant conflict and endless friction during lessons and why retention has been so difficult. 

PLUS, I'll highlight what Charlotte Mason intended you to plan for all ages. 



In the fourth training, I'll walk you through the secret to motivation that I uncovered while I was implementing Charlotte Mason's method into our homeschool with my planning system. 



In the fifth training, I'll share the two ways to test for progress all through the year, so you'll know if you should pivot your plans or require more from your children. 

PLUS, the five steps to raise a motivated learner!

Hey! I'm Dollie … Your Workshop Host!

It took me years to develop a planning system that aligns with the way Charlotte Mason intended.

Every summer, I'd carry my curriculum purchases, cooler, and crockpot to the pool so I could plan our next school year while our children soaked up the sun and swam with friends, until my husband joined us for dinner and family games in the water.

Eventually I figured everything out, piece by piece …

Now, I want to pass my knowledge directly to you, so you can skip straight to a planning motivating homeschool days.

It’s easy to think you can just figure everything out yourself… and it’s true, everything you could ever want to know is somewhere on Google… Or in my case, reading SIX volumes of books written by Charlotte Mason in the late 1800, planning 48 homeschool years for our four children (three graduated using only Charlotte Mason's method), teaching TWO dyslexic children, and developing a planning system that raised motivated learners.


But with the Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop, you won’t have to spend hours searching, or 25 years (and counting) reading, for all the bits and pieces and then put the puzzle together through trial and error.


Everything you need to know about planning a Charlotte Mason homes to have motivating homeschool lessons is included in the Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop, clearly laid out, in the right order… so you go from unmotivated homeschool days to raising motivated learners.

 Reserve Your Spot In This FREE 5-Day LIVE Workshop!

Give yourself planning skills that will motivate your kids to take ownership of their lessons,
without the constant nagging.



Q: When does the Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop happen?

A: This 5-day LIVE workshop is being hosted on June 24th-28th

Q: Where will the LIVE workshop take place?

A: The Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop will take place inside a Facebook group.

Q: Do I need Facebook to participate in the workshop? 

A: You won't need Facebook to watch the workshop, because all registered attendees will receive a link to the LIMITED TIME access to the REPLAYS off from social media. However, to participate by engaging with other attendees, getting your questions answered by Dollie, and feeling the momentum that a community provides, you'll need to be in the Facebook group.

Q: How long will the REPLAY be available? 

A: The REPLAYS of the workshop will only be available until 10 PM EST on July 2nd.

Q: Will I be able to purchase the REPLAYS? 

A: No! Although I've sold replays of past workshops, we've made the decision to only offer our workshop content for a limited time and then it disappears until we offer the workshop again.

Q: When will this workshop be offered again?

A: We are unsure when this workshop will be offered again. It is best to prioritize your schedule for any workshop that we offer to ensure you're able to gain access to the limited time FREE content.

Q: What happens if I'm not able to complete all of the FREE content before it is scheduled to disappear?

A: If you're unable to get through all of the workshop content before July 2nd at 10 PM EST, you'll lose the opportunity to learn what is being freely taught. It is within your control to prioritize the workshop LIVE time, schedule your life to watch the replays, or binge watch before they disappear by the predetermined schedule.

Q: Will you change your mind about extending the access to the FREE content if things out of my control keeps me from prioritizing the workshop content?

A: Every single workshop that I've taught has found emails in my inbox leading up to the predetermined scheduled time to disappear, pleading their case of why they couldn't get to my content and asking for me to give them extended time to watch what they haven't had time to complete. Unfortunately, I'm unable to extend the time for any reason.

Q: What if I just can't make the time to watch the free content but I desperately need the information?

A: If you just can't make this workshop work for your current situation but you desperately need to get your kids motivated in their lessons, I'm happy to let you know that you can join Wholesome Thinkers Coaching Program.

 Reserve Your Spot In This FREE 5-Day LIVE Workshop Today!

Give yourself planning skills that will motivate your kids to take ownership of their lessons,
without the constant nagging.