Live Up To Your Purpose With the Purpose Driven Christian Bootcamp Series


This is especially important if you don't know what your purpose is with regards to:

    • Your relationship with Christ …
    • Your marriage …
    • Your children …
    • Your children's education (and yours) …
    • Your livelihood …
    • Your ministry …

Best part, you have LIFETIME ACCESS!

You see, purpose drives a person to be intentional.

And with intentions you can change any situation in your life to become a seed for His kingdom. But without intentions, you're furthering the enemy's agenda. (The fact you’re here tells me you recognize this truth, but maybe you just don't know where to start being intentional.)

We live in a culture that has accepted mediocre living and taking things as they come. The fact that questioning one's purpose circles in a person's mind when they struggle with anxiety, emotions, lost joy, and guilt … means the enemy uses doubt to keep you living unintentionally for his purpose.  

That’s why you “stay in the vicious cycle” of fighting against flesh and blood.

It’s why you can watch hours of entertainment each day but can't read the Bible faithfully.

It’s why you can post you struggles on Facebook or vent to a friend instead of spending time in prayer with the God who created you for a purpose …


And on and on it goes…

The “common reaction” is life is to become depressed and overwhelm by live itself. The more negative the outlook comes, the better the chance the enemy can talk you into taking your own life. This reaction is growing within the Christian church – attacking even those who KNOW their purpose. 

The enemy's tactic is to make you feel like a failure within your purpose. Every. Single. Time. You. Become. Intentional.

But I have great news. After 52 years of life, I’ve created a curriculum to equip you to beat the enemy at his own tactics by living up to your purpose — all without you feeling judged or a failure as a Christian. 

It’s all inside the Purpose Driven Christian.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

Introducing the One-Of-A-Kind
Purpose Driven Christian

This FOUR part bootcamps includes 16 hours of training and four curriculum workbooks to eliminate the struggles influences brings into life while equipping you to live out your purpose… faithfully!

You can use these bootcamps to live up to your SIX PURPOSES AS A CHRISTIAN: relationship with Christ, relationship with your spouse, relationship as a parent, providing a Christian education for your kids, providing a living for your family, or stepping into your ministry.

Work through all FOUR part bootcamps for each of the SIX PURPOSES or go through them again and again for a deeper experience as you discover how to live out your purpose… faithfully! 

Here’s a look at everything you get in this bootcamp series:

The Purpose Drive Christian is a FOUR part Bootcamp Curriculum designed to equip you to live out your purpose …. faithfully, which includes:

  • The Purpose Bootcamp: This four hour bootcamp walks you through the SIX Purposes of a Christian inside these four trainings: Your Identity, Your Calling, Your Mission, and Your Equipping. You'll used The Missing Pieces To YOUR Purpose Curriculum Workbook to work through the bootcamp action assignments. 
  • The Priority Bootcamp This four hour bootcamp walks you through how to make your purpose a priority inside these four trainings: The Vision, The Value, The Variables, and The Varieties. You'll used Carving Out the Time For Your Purpose Curriculum Workbook to work through the bootcamp action assignments. 
  • The Productivity Bootcamp This four hour bootcamp walks you through how to be productive with your purpose inside these four trainings: Set Goals, Manage Time, Stay Focused, and Develop Skills. You'll used Effectively Living Up To Your Purpose Curriculum Workbook to work through the bootcamp action assignments. 
  • The Progress Bootcamp: This four hour bootcamp walks you through how to identify the progress you make in your purpose inside these four trainings: Accept Pace, Define Stages, Track Transitions, and Adjust Priorities. You'll used Showing Noticeable Progress In Your Purpose Curriculum Workbook to work through the bootcamp action assignments. 
  • BONUS: Purpose Driven Christian Community is a lifetime access community to support and encourage you along the way.
  • BONUS: SEARCHABLE Purpose Episodes of the Influencing Your Kids podcast. 

The Purpose Driven Christian is designed to equip you to:


  • Know you have SIX purposes within your identity as a Christian
  • Find how to become intentional about your day to make your purposes a priority
  • Get clear on the things that are stopping you from living out your purpose… faithfully!
  • Recognize a proven framework that makes intentional living easier and habit forming
  • Letting go of the comparison and guilt so you can celebrate your uniqueness as a person 
  • Fight for your purpose in life


We could sell this bootcamp series for $997. And we may in the future.

But our heart is to help Christians fight against the tactics of the enemy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That's way, we're offering the Purpose Driven Christian for only $197. 


Includes LIFETIME Access!