End the Friction In Your Day
With the All-Inclusive “Solution Bundle” Kit

Introducing the All-Inclusive “Solution Bundle” Kit!

This is especially important if your days are:

  • Constant conflict that you feel like you're always getting in the middle to stop the strife from esclating…
  • Endless friction due to a child ignoring another child …
  • Persistent plucking of the last nerve of each other …
  • Full of interruptions …
  • Your kids need you to direct them all day long …
  • Unmotivated in their daily tasks …
  • Unable to feel natural … 
  • Seem like they fight against your husband's schedule … 
  • Behind in reading, writing, math, or critical thinking …
  • Balk at everything you plan …
  • Unmotivated in their lessons …
  • Unable to do lessons without you …
  • Acting up during lessons … 

Best part, you can save 80% while this kit is at introductory price.

You see, there’s a reason your weary from the endless friction.

And it’s not because your a failure as a homeschool mom. Or your children are horrible human beings. (The fact you’re here tells me you recognize this problem is bigger than you want to admit and you desire a solution)

It’s because we as homeschool moms are responsible for a boat load of life demands. The truth that most days you feel like you're drowning from the weight of it all, doesn't mean it needs to be that way… it means there are things that you and your children need to be equipped in so things get better, not worse, over time.

The way your children interact with each other keeps you feeling like a referee some of the time, and a detective other times.

The way you attempt to be intentional about your day, but every routine you just makes you feel like you're fighting your husband's schedule to make it work, or everything just feels unnatural to your family. 

The way you plan a homeschool year, but your struggling learner seems to forget everything you've ever taught them, and you're growing frustrated by the pace of progress … or the lack thereof.

The “common reaction” is any of these situations is to parent with emotions, put the responsibility of making changes on your husband, or worse of all, ignoring it and hoping it will fix itself one day. This reaction to your family's problems keeps you seeking for answers, without knowing where to begin or what to change.

Until you discover a step-by-step path to eliminating the endless friction, you'll keep struggling with the problems Every. Single. Day. 

But I have great news. After 29+ years of parenting and 24 years of homeschooling, I’ve created a three kit to equip homeschool moms to solve sibling strife, routine problems, and learning challenges. 

I've pulled all of these kits together to create the all-inclusive “Solution Bundle” Kit.

It's time to end the friction that leaves you feeling weary in your purpose as a homeschool mom.



Introducing the All-Inclusive
“Solution Bundle” Kit!
This all-inclusive kit contains a step-by-step path to sibling strife, routine problems, and learning challenges.

You can use this kit anytime you are ready to eliminate the friction causing problems in your day.

Here’s a look at everything you get in this ALL-INCLUSIVE kit:

KIT ONE: Solving Sibling Strife Kit is an EIGHT step framework designed to equip you to influence your kids to get along which includes:

  • Influencing Your Kids To Get Along: This video training walks you through the eight step framework and the resources that will equip you to solve the sibling strife in your home. START WITH THIS VIDEO.
  • Influential Referee walks you through your role in your children's relationship to know how to get started to influence your kids to get along..
  • The Best Friend Approach is a digital book that speaks to the Biblical relationship siblings should be fostering with each other.
  • Friends Bible Verses: Use these 12 Bible verses to instruct the conscience of your children in the Biblical relationship they should be building together.
  • Color Coded Sibling Time includes mom approved wholesome occupations for siblings to do together.
  • Preferring One Another is a step by step framework of how to train the habits of selflessness in your children
  • Encouraging One Another is a step by step framework of how to train your children in a Christian habit we are all called to live out faithfully
  • 5 Strife Consequences includes predetermined natural consequences for both rewards and punishments to influence your kids to get along.
The Solving Sibling Strife Kit is designed to equip you and your kids to:

  • Know how to influence your kids to get along
  • Find how to parent your kids in their relationship with each other
  • Get your kids spending quality time together … willingly
  • Instruct your kids conscience with scripture
  • Form the habit of selflessness and a Christian habit we're all called to do
  • Predetermined consequences to influence your kids to do the right thing
KIT TWO: Solving Routine Problems Kit includes FIVE pieces designed to equip you to influence your kids to go the right way in their day, which includes:
  • The Routine Approach Digital Course: This five module training series walks you through how to create your unique family’s routine, no matter the season of life you’re in and includes FIVE study guides and FIVE implementing workbooks for each module. START WITH THIS VIDEO TRAINING.
  • Routine Planner walks you through how to plan out your routines in a fun, colorful way that even your youngest and oldest children will love the structure to their day.
  • Color-Coded Daily Routine contains the most common tasks families need to be consistent in doing, in color-coded tasks for all your ages.
  • Bible Verse Planner walks you through how to plan out Scripture that will influence your children to willingly choose to go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose during their day.
  • Color-Coded Bible Verses contains the best Scriptures for children of all ages to memorize that will aid them in knowing the right way.
The Solving Routine Problems Kit is designed to equip you to:

    • Know how to influence your kids to willingly go the right way in their day
    • Find out how to adopt the best next thing mindset
    • Discover the essential elements of routines
    • Identify routine robbers
    • Create a natural rhythm for your day
    • Form habits with routines in place
    • Colorful and fun routine planner and tasks
    • Colorful and fun Bible planner and tasks to instruct your children's conscience to do the right thing
KIT THREE: Solving Learning Challenges Kit includes EIGHT main pieces designed to equip you to influence your kids to progress in learning which includes:

  • The Homeschool Progress Kit: This three video training series walks you through the mechanics, milestones, and momentum of homeschool progress for individual students and includes the FOUR mechanics of learning Stages of Transitions Blueprints that includes Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Thinking. START WITH THIS VIDEO TRAINING. 
  • Teaching a Struggling Learner walks you through my own journey of going from a Kindergarten teacher that successfully taught over 20 kids, including our first child to read, and what I did to unlock the secret to teaching our second child as a struggling learner.
  • Confidence Baseline™ Tracker is a digital book that outlines what you should be tracking to identify your child's confidence baseline™ so you can adjust your homeschool plans to ensure you child shows progress each and every year.
  • Curriculum Changes: The What, When, & How To Curriculum Choices: walks you through the lessons I've learned about how to avoid mid-year curriculum changes by understanding how to make the best curriculum choices from the start while having confidence to know when you need to change curriculum for your child's sake. 
  • The Child's Educational Journal walks you through key elements to journal for each individual child to ensure you're planning homeschool lessons that will provide progress and a lasting knowledge. 
  • The Homeschool Progress Workshop is a 5 day training that walks you step by step through the Progress Framework that equips you to understand what you should be focused on to show progress each year.
  • Eliminating Behavioral Issues In Your Homeschool is a video training, with a Blueprint and framework that walks you through identifying and eliminating the bad habits stopping you from having productive homeschool hours. 
  • The Motivated Learner Workshop is a 5-day training that walks you step by step through the Motivated Framework that equips you to raise motivated learners who take ownership of their education.
  • PLUS: Solve Learning Challenges Poster Set is a set of three posters that equip you to identify gaps in your children's education, show progress each and every year, and motivate your kids to love learning..
The Solving Learning Challenges Kit is designed to equip you to:
  • Know how to influence your kids to love learning
  • Find out the stages of transitions for the FOUR mechanics of learning
  • Identify your child's Confidence Baseline™ in the FOUR mechanics of learning
  • Get your motivated to learn
  • Teach the struggling learner
  • Show progress in your homeschool each and every year
  • The What, When & How to Curriculum Challenges
  • And much more!


We sell these kit separately at a higher price. We could sell this all-inclusive kit for $297. And we may in the future. 

But our heart is to help solve problems homeschool moms face VERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That's why we're offering the “Solution Bundle” Kit for only $97. 

  • The Solve Sibling Strife Value $329
  • The Solve Routine Problems Value $399
  • The Solve Learning Challenges Value $597

Total Value $1,325


You Save $200(Nearly 80%)