Influence Your Kids To Go the Right Way In Their Day
With the Comprehensive “Solve Routine Problems” Kit

Introducing the Comprehensive
“Solving Routine Problems” Kit!

This is especially important if your days are:

  • Full of interruptions …
  • Your kids need you to direct them all day long …
  • Unmotivated in their daily tasks …
  • Unable to feel natural … 
  • Seem like they fight against your husband's schedule … 

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You see, there’s a reason your days aren't feeling natural and it doesn't improve
no matter how many social media suggested routines you've tried.

And it’s not because your family isn't capable to creating a natural rhythm. Or your spouse's schedule gets in the way. (The fact you’re here tells me you recognize this problem is bigger than you want to admit and you desire a solution)

It’s because we as moms have accepted that life will never feel natural and will continue to have you running in circles. The fact that days are crazy and chaotic is ‘common', doesn't mean it needs to be that way… it means there are things missing in your family's habits and our bad habits are keeping us from doing the right things in the right order.  

That’s why you can “plan the perfect day” only to have your family needing you to direct every tasks in their day, or it won't happen.

It’s why you get excited about the downloaded routines that work for other family's but not yours. 

It’s why you want to blame everyone in your family, leaving you feeling outnumbered because …


And the day just get off track before it really gets started …

The “common reaction” is to try another suggested routine from social media because you don't know what else to try. The time you spend looking for a routine that might work and then trying it with no avail, keeps you feeling defeated and like routines are impossible for your family. This cycle keeps you seeking for answers, without realizing the answers are found within your family dynamic.

Until you discover the approach to creating a natural rhythm for your unique family, you’ll be reenforcing bad habits that rob you from the routine you desperately desire and deserve. Every. Single. Day.

But I have great news. After 29+ years of parenting, I’ve created a special kit to equip you discover the essential elements of routines, identify and eliminate routine robbers, so you can create a natural rhythm for your day that form good habits. 

It’s all inside the comprehensive “Solving Routine Problems” Kit.




Introducing the Comprehensive
“Solving Routine Problems” Kit!
This kit contains step-by-step frameworks, planners, color-coded tasks to create good habits with your daily routines, and Bible verses designed to influence your kids to willingly do the right things in the right order.

You can use this kit anytime your want to create a natural rhythm in your day, no matter the season of life you are in.

Here’s a look at everything you get in this comprehensive kit:

Solving Routine Problems Kit includes FIVE pieces designed to equip you to influence your kids to go the right way in their day, which includes:
  • The Routine Approach Digital Course: This five module training series walks you through how to create your unique family’s routine, no matter the season of life you’re in and includes FIVE study guides and FIVE implementing workbooks for each module. START WITH THIS VIDEO TRAINING.
  • Routine Planner walks you through how to plan out your routines in a fun, colorful way that even your youngest and oldest children will love the structure to their day.
  • Color-Coded Daily Routine contains the most common tasks families need to be consistent in doing, in color-coded tasks for all your ages.
  • Bible Verse Planner walks you through how to plan out Scripture that will influence your children to willingly choose to go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose during their day.
  • Color-Coded Bible Verses contains the best Scriptures for children of all ages to memorize that will aid them in knowing the right way.
The Solving Routine Problems Kit is designed to equip you to:

    • Know how to influence your kids to willingly go the right way in their day
    • Find out how to adopt the best next thing mindset
    • Discover the essential elements of routines
    • Identify routine robbers
    • Create a natural rhythm for your day
    • Form habits with routines in place
    • Colorful and fun routine planner and tasks
    • Colorful and fun Bible planner and tasks to instruct your children's conscience to do the right thing


We have sold parts of this kit separately and other parts have been saved for our clients. We could sell this comprehensive kit for $197. And we may in the future. 

But our heart is to help solve routine problems parents face VERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That's why we're offering the “Solving Routine Problems” Kit for $57. 

  • The Routine Approach Digital Course Value $297
  • Routine Planner Value $37
  • Color-Coded Daily Routines Value $19
  • Bible Verse Planner Value $27
  • Color-Coded Bible Verse $19

Total Value $399


You Save $140 (Nearly 71%)