Eliminate the Struggles YOU Bring Into Parenting With the Comprehensive “Mom” Kit


This is especially important if you have lost your joy in motherhood and you experience:

  • Hiding your emotions with a fake smile…
  • Feel like you're unappreciated despite all you do for your family …
  • Feel like a failure as a mother …
  • Yelling has become your main way of communicating with your kids …
  • Feel like a failure as a mother …

  • Feeling worried or concerned all the time …

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You see, there’s a reason all the “struggle” you experience isn't getting better
no matter how much you try.

And it’s not because you are a horrible mom. Or you’re failing as a mother. (The fact you’re here tells me you recognize this problem is bigger than yourself and you desire a solution)

It’s because we as a culture have accepted motherhood struggles as a normal part of parenting. The fact that mom struggles are ‘common', doesn't mean it is normal… it means it is our sinful nature proving stronger than our equipping.  

That’s why you “react with emotions” causing damage to your relationship with your kids.

It’s why you can show patience with your kids in front of others but have absolutely none when no one is watching.

It’s why you can be screaming at your kids one minute and answering the phone with a friendly voice the next leaving your kids completely confused because …


And on and on it goes…

The “common reaction” is parenting two different ways to hid your struggles from others. The time a mom spends with her children, dealing with bad habits and attitudes, is some of the most exhausting job. This reaction keeps a mask in front of others, but our family sees what is behind the mask – the real mom. 

Until you address the root cause to your struggles, you’ll have two sides of your mother. Every. Single. Time. Your. Children. Witness. You. Parent. In. Front. Of. Others.

But I have great news. After 29 years of motherhood, I’ve created a special kit to equip you to become aware of the real mom inside you and eliminate the struggles you bring into parenting — all without you feeling judged or a failure as a mom. 

It’s all inside the comprehensive “Mom” Kit.

Introducing the Comprehensive
“Mom” Kit!

This kit contains a digital book, video trainings, blueprints, and frameworks designed to eliminate the struggles mom brings into parent while equipping you to be the mom you intended to be.

You can use this kit anytime you’re having trouble making the right choices when no one is watching and get exactly what you need get your joy back and PROTECT it to form new habits as a mom that looks the same to your kids even if no one is watching. 

Here’s a look at everything you get in this comprehensive kit:

The Mom Kit is an EIGHT piece kit designed to equip you as a mother, which includes:

  • The Mom Factor Eliminating Struggles YOU Bring Into Parenting: This digital book walks you through the seven aspects of motherhood that you need to realize leads to two sides of how you parent. START WITH THIS DIGITAL BOOK.
  • Overcoming Mom Guilt is a video training helps you to understand why guilt is a trap of the enemy to keep you from being the mother you intended to be..
  • The Overcoming Blueprint is a resource that helps guide you through letting go of guilt for good.
  • The Overcoming Framework: gives you a quick reference to help you overcome guilt once and for all.
  • Calming Influences To the Heart is a video training that helps guides mothers through how to let go of worry, concern, and anxiety related to parenting.
  • The Joy Framework is a video training that helps you to understand how to get your joy back and to protect it in motherhood.
  • The Joy Blueprintis a resource that helps guide you through getting your joy back for good.
  • Joy Framework gives you a quick reference to help you get and protect your joy in motherhood.
  • The Mom Kit is designed to equip you to:


    • Know how real the mom factor is to parenting
    • Find how to recognize bad habits in yourself that keeps you from being a wholesome influencer to your kids
    • Get you breaking bad habits … willingly
    • Recognize the enemy's intentions with guilt and how to stop him from using it against your motherhood
    • Form calming habits to resist worry, concern, and anxiety in parenting
    • Fight for your joy in motherhood


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