You're In! Congratulations On Upgrading Your Experience!

Now that you've upgrade to all of the pieces of Wholesome Influencers™ or some of the pieces, you'll receive three emails. 

Email #1: You'll receive a reciept with with a link to access your purchase that redirects to this page. Ignore that link. Instead, your hub account will have NEW tags attached that will give you access to more of the hub, depending on what you added to your upgrade.

Email #2: You'll receive an email that states DETAILS About Your Upgrade. You'll want to save this email for your records, as it will have all the details about your upgrade, and where you can find them. 

With these two emails, you'll be all set for your upgrade to additional pieces to Wholesome Influencers™ that was NOT included in your grandfathered package. 

I'll see you on the inside, 

Dollie Freeman