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All You Have To Do Is Say, “YES, I WANT TO TRY IT FOR A MONTH” And The MOST Incredible FREE Gift EVER Is Yours… Even If You Cancel!

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When You Subscribe To Wholesome Thinkers, You’ll Get a FREE Subscription
to the Transformation Path
– A $2,997 Value FOR FREE!

Plus, when you say “yes” and give Wholesome Thinkers membership a try, knowing you can cancel at anytime, you’ll also receive access to The Transformation Path … completely FREE!

I can’t stress how incredible this membership offer is – it might just be the best homeschooling frameworks in the world!

Think about it – you get the Wholesome Thinkers membership, which teaches you how the brain learns to retain knowledge and provide a Christian education from homeno more “unwholesome influences” of secular curriculum or cramming information into their mind to only have them forget it.

That’s not all! You also get The Transformation Path, where I show you how the ‘Necessary Home Habits‘ that make homeschool possible, (patience is NOT one of them), how to ‘Evaluate Brain Habits‘ necessary for learning and retention, understand how to “Supply Daily Ideas‘, and how to prepare your children for adulthood when you ‘Develop Dominant Ideas‘ that mark out careers.  

These two things, the monthly homeschool solutions and the transformation path, is the method we used to raise self-educating children, who graduated prepared for big decisions, careers choices, and willingly carried our faith into adulthood … and we’ll show you what worked and what didn’t, so your homeschool time with your children is well spent influencing their hearts and minds.., without spending all day!



Every month, you will gain access to Homeschool Solutions, chock-full of tried and proven learning philosophies that can teach your kids a Christian education! I promise – it will feel like you have a homeschool angel at your side when you open it and have step by step frameworks at your finger tips!

These Homeschool Solutions solve the most challenging problems caused by bad habits or a learning system that goes against the way the brain naturally learns..

Designed to eliminate cramming habits by forming learning habits in their place, with done for you Homeschool hacks! 

Every Month, You’ll Get:

Educational Philosophies, in a video training, so you quickly become aware of how the mind works to convert information into knowledge …

Educational Toolkit, in a digital download, that walks you through making the method work for your unique children, so you can become intentional in homeschooling …

Framework Postcard, in a digital download, that provides you with step by step ‘cheat postcard’ to implementing without the guesswork so you can become consistent, loving, and persistent in homeschool …

Year One Monthly Topics Include:

  1. Narration: The Start of Retention
  2. Copywork: The Start of Knowing
  3. Dictation: The Start of Grammar
  4. Exam Week: Testing Retention
  5. Eliminating Behavioral Issues In Your Homeschool
  6. Eliminating Learning Issues In Your Homeschool
  7. Tolerably Fine Days: Outdoor Learning
  8. The Art of Observation
  9. The Effectiveness of Short Lessons
  10. Perfect Execution VS a Grading System
  11. Instructing Reasoning
  12. The Intentional Discussion


When you give Wholesome Thinkers membership a try, you’ll receive the most incredible free gift ever delivered to your door within 10-14 days (for US, longer outside of US) from subscribing to this membership. (Just cover the shipping and handling)

Each piece of this one-of-a-kind transformation pack has been designed to turn a digital membership into a tangible experience that will transform your children’s education so you can have teach them a Christian education … with confidence!

Inside the Transformation Pack, You’ll Get:

Every new member will receive a Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Pack that includes: a welcome letter, a journey checklist that guides you through the learning and implementing action assignments, a transformation map highlighting the transitions of transformations, and the transition stickers you’ll place on the map as you implement transformation actions each step of the way!

Plus, a Transformation Card highlighting steps you can earn exciting awards, every step of the way!



You’ll get the “Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Path” consisting of the four stages that guides you through the step by step method in how to teach your kids, even if you have no experience, had horrible grades in school, or lack patience. 

Each stage includes a video module, workbook, and transitions of transformation action assignments


  • Discover how your habits as a mother sets the tone for the atmosphere of your home and homeschool
  • The root cause to constant conflict in your family
  • The step-by-step method to forming good habits
  • The secret to your children doing the right thing, even when you’re not looking or directing them
  • How to foster wholesome ideas in your family


  • Discover the psychology of habits
  • How to easily increase attention span
  • Find out why imagination is more important than knowledge
  • How to foster imagination
  • How to condition the brain
  • How to ready your child’s mind for formal education, even if they are already years into their education or haven’t started their education journey 


  • Discover how to motivate your children to learn
  • Identify what your children are capable of and incapable of
  • Find out how to earn your children’ eager attention
  • Understand the THREE types of knowledge each child should be taught
  • How to provide a self-education to your children to ensure their career is marked out


  • Confidently homeschool middle & high school without the overwhelm
  • Leverage the middle & high school years to form Christian philosophies that form your children’s nature with lasting habits
  • Personalize high school credits to align with your children’s interest
  • How to create a high school transcript
  • Structure a grading system that focuses on perfect execution
  • Plan a homeschool graduation to award your children with a high school diploma

Use This Path Along With The Transformation Pack To Transform Your Family For HIS Kingdom:

You’ll use the Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Journey to stay on top of the tasks each step of the way.

As you progress through this journey, you’ll use the Transformation Map and the Transition Stickers to experience the tangible experience, one action at a time… right at your finger tips!

Before you know it, you’ll be teaching your children to be wholesome thinkers who willingly carry YOUR faith into adulthood while appeasing homeschool laws



You’ll get access to “Wholesome Thinkers PRIVATE Community” for support on your transformation with other on the journey with you.

The Wholesome Thinkers Community takes place inside Mighty Network, so you don’t get pulled into wasting hours online or feel the need to join a social media platform just to connect with like-minded Christian homeschool parents.



You’ll also gain access to the “The Planning Framework” consisting of the THREE modules that guides you through the step by step method to plan entire year of homeschool lessons that interest your children, even if they are currently behind, struggle with attention, or hate school.

The Planning Framework modules includes: Design, Structure, and Assign.

Each module includes a video module and workbook.



You’ll also gain access to the “The Confident Homeschool Mom”, a step-by-step training on how to grow your confidence to homeschool your children, even if you think you’re not qualified.

All You Have To Do Is Say, “YES” And The MOST Incredible FREE Gift Is Yours…
Even If You Cancel!

✔️ Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Pack …………………………………………………..($297 Value)
Wholesome Thinkers Membership ……………………………………………………….($997 Value)
✔️ Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Path ……………………………………..($2,997 Value)
✔️ Wholesome Thinkers PRIVATE Community ……………………………………..($1,200 Value)
✔️ The Planning Framework …………………………………………………………………………..($1,997 Value)
✔️ The Confident Homeschool Mom ………………………………………………………………($197 Value)



So, What’s The Catch…?

Like I said in the beginning, I’m giving you this insane gift as an incentive, to give Wholesome Thinkers a try.

Why would I do this?

Well, there are actually a few reasons…

1. It’s our way of living up to our Kingdom assignment to Equip Christian Homeschool Parents to raise self-disciplined children who are prepared for adult decisions and willingly carry their faith into adulthood!

2. We wanted to earn your trust that our proven frameworks CAN guide and assist you to transform your family, even if you’re don’t believe you’re qualified to teach your children, you’re growing weary from homeschooling, or if you’re ready to call it quits on the homeschool journey.
You see, we know if we can earn your trust is this third level, you’ll be eager for us to guide and assist you in the other levels as well.  

Our goal at Wholesome Influences is to Equip Christian Parents to (1) Influence, (2) Unify, (3) Teach, and (4) Train their children so we can stop the moral decline in our culture.  

I’m gonna be honest with you from the start.

Education doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.

With 23 years of homeschooling (and counting), I’ve uncovered frameworks inside Charlotte Mason’s original writings that naturally form self-discipline in children, at an early age with SEVEN habits: discernment, willingness, motivation, responsibility, accountability, self-management, and self-direction.

My frameworks inside all levels of our membership walks you step by step in the method and actions that naturally form these habits in your children, without you spending countless hours fighting with your children. 

Why Time Is Of The Essence…

The current educational system is broken.   

There is absolutely NO excuse that in the 21st century children are being pushed through grades without the mechanics of learning necessary for a success life. 

With 32% of American adults being illiterate that means statistically 1 in 3 adults are unable to read, With 19% of high school graduates being functionally illiterate, meaning that they do not have the skills necessary for the work force.  

You see, statistics is showing that somewhere the focus in the educational system switched from teaching the mechanics of reading, writing, mathematics, and thinking to a curriculum that has taken prayer and Bible out of a child’s education and fill it with atheistic and evolutionary beliefs. 

This isn’t just happening in public schools but within the universities and colleges across the world.

The reason is simple… corrupt the morals of our culture, while dumbing down the citizens to bring about an ungodly agenda.

Our children’s education is a pawn in the masterplan of power.  

The answer to this reality is we must education our children differently to overcome the agenda that usurps parental authority, rapes our children’s innocence minds with filth and ungodliness, and feeds their natural desire of acceptance with the false teaching that there is no God and ‘the right thing’ is a personal preference, not a predetermined standard.

Wholesome Thinkers is that different method of education that walks you step-by-step to understand how the brain works to retain knowledge to form dominant ideas that form the nature of a person and their faith.

The urgency to making this decision TODAY is twofold. 

1) A person’s internal philosophies are being formed privately during adolescence and strengthened during the teens years, but often without the knowledge of the parents, until they graduated teen steps out into society as an adult, who their parents no longer recognize. [This is happening to families that homeschool, as well as those attending private and public schools] 

2) Eternity is only ONE influence away. 

Now is the time to lock in your membership before it becomes much harder or too late to influence your kid’s education for the Kingdom.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

With this most incredibly free gift ever, you can give Wholesome Thinkers a try for as long as you need, to see if it is right for you.

If you find that this membership isn’t what you need, you can cancel your subscription at ANYTIME.

This cancellation policy, truly keeps you in the driver seat of your membership!

Here’s What To Do Next…

From here it’s just finalizing the details and getting your gifts in your hands!

Click on the button below right now, pick what subscription plan you want to be on, and we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to see just why Wholesome Thinkers membership is what all Christian homeschoolers need and I can’t wait to get our new member transformation pack in your mail box!

Here’s to transforming your family for HIS Kingdom,

Dollie Freeman

All You Have To Do Is Say, “YES, I WANT TO GIVE THIS A TRY” And The MOST Incredibly Free Gift Is Yours… Even If You Cancel! 

(Just Pay $8.00 Shipping & Handling In the US)

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal: I’m giving you some amazing things inside this gift, the MOST incredible free gift ever – “Transformation Pack” shipped to your mail box, along with the a subscription to “Wholesome Thinkers Transformation path”, “Wholesome Thinkers Community”, “The Planning Framework”, and “The Confident Homeschool Mom” for FREE, when you join the Wholesome Thinkers today!

PLUS: Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Card with awards you can earn every step of the way.

All of these is valued at $7,685 worth of ‘PROVEN’ homeschool frameworks for just giving Wholesome Thinkers membership a try.

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don’t love the membership – you can cancel your membership and you get to keep the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever!  Sound fair?

Then what are you waiting for!?! Signup for Wholesome Thinkers membership, right now!

YES Dollie!

✔️I’m Ready To Try Wholesome Thinkers Membership (And I Realize That I’m ALSO Getting A Transformation Pack shipped directly to my mail box – A $297 Value FOR FREE! and I only have to pay $8.00 for shipping & handling, if I live in the US or more if outside of the US.) 

I’m Excited To Get The Homeschool Framework BONUS GIFTS, (a $6,391 value!) absolutely free as long as I stay an active member. 

All you have to do is say, “YES” and the gifts are yours… for FREE!

If You’re Still Here…

Then You Must Be Thinking,
“Is This REALLY For Me And My family?”

Listen, we would hate it if we became just another “homeschooling blah blah” that gets virtual dusty on the device. No way.

What you’ll be receiving today… PLUS what you’ll be receiving each month… are Christian educational philosophies you’ll want to refer back to every time you face unknown territory in your children’s education … want to form learning habits … need your child to take ownership of their education … or simply want to teach your children a Christian education.

So, I want to make it crystal clear about who this is really for…

This is FOR YOU if you are a Christian parent who desires to homeschool with a method designed for the way the brain works to retain knowledge, regardless of your children’s ages, and you want your children prepared for adult decisions AND carry YOUR faith into adulthood,  even when they are out on their own, raising their own children.

This is for the homeschool parent who is DONE going from “curriculum to curriculum” and wants to remove the chaos of lessons and get to the core of what makes your children willingly learn because it is the best thing for them. That’s it, plain and simple.  

This is NOT FOR YOU if you think this will remove all educational decisions from you without putting in some work to implement these teaching methods.

This is NOT for the habitual “course-buyer”… that person that signs up for every homeschool product under the sun, thinking that just by ‘having it’ then they’ll be success …

This might just be the LAST homeschooling product you’ll ever need – a double-dose of teaching methods to cover all your bases.

Every month, you’ll get Educational homeschool solutions videos, an education toolkit, and the framework postcard where I’ll walk you through the most effective way to learn, based on my 23 years (and counting) of homeschooling from the original pages of Charlotte Mason homeschool method.

With that said… my question to you is this: can you really afford NOT to sign-up?

Because we all know, more problems arise when children are ushered through their education without retention…

Do this for you, your family, and your family’s transformation… hit the button below right now and sign-up today before the wrong way of teaching leave your children unprepared for decisions as adults and prey to secular beliefs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will I receive the most incredibly free gift ever? 

A: You’ll receive The Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Pack in the mail within 10-14 days of subscribing to this membership, if you’re in the US. If you’re outside the US, it can take longer.

Q: When do I receive my other free gifts? 

A: When you sign up today for Wholesome Thinkers Membership, you will receive instant access to the Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Path, the Wholesome Thinkers Community, The Planning Framework, and The Confident Homeschool Mom, along with your membership to Wholesome Thinkers.

Details for accessing these will be in your inbox.

Q: Is All Of This Value REALLY Free? 

A: Yes! When you say “YES” to giving Wholesome Influence Membership a try, you’ll gain access to $6,391 worth of ‘PROVEN’ homeschool frameworks that will fill in the gaps for raising self-disciplined children that willingly carry your faith into adulthood by showing you how to teach your children to learn for retention while forming their philosophies in life through a Christian education.

Q: Who Is This For?  

A: This is for the self-starter. The Christian homeschool parent, or a wanna be, that wants to implement proven homeschool methods for transforming results. This is for the Christian homeschool parent that wants to raise self-disciplined children that believe the right things and has their career marked out. 

Q: What If I’m Not Satisfied With My Subscription? 

A: This is highly unlikely. Wait until you receive your Transformation Pack in the mail, and you’ll see what I mean. With that said, if you don’t find our Christian homeschool advice even the least bit useful… then you can cancel anytime and we’ll part as friends. You’ll get to keep the Transformation Pack, the most incredible free gift ever, even if you cancel.  

Details for accessing these will be in your inbox.

Q: How Much Does It Cost? 

A: Today you can secure up to $7,685 in ‘PROVEN’ homeschool frameworks & transformation pack … for just $67 a month! We simply ask that you pay the one-time, small shipping & handling fee of $8.00 for US, to receive the Wholesome Thinkers Welcome Letter, Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Journey that includes a checklist of learning and implementing, Wholesome Thinkers Transformation Map, and Wholesome Thinkers Transition Stickers. PLUS, the Transformation Card that gives you steps to earn awards every step of the way.  

Q: Do I Get Coaching from Dollie Freeman With This Subscription? 

A: Wholesome Thinkers membership does NOT include coaching. However, Wholesome Influencers, which includes Lasting Influences, Wholesome Couples, Wholesome Thinkers, and Smooth & Easy Days provides you with TWO coaching calls a month with the replays, plus a coaching community on Mighty Network. Not to mention more proven frameworks to shortcut your transformation.