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Wholesome Influencers™ is a 12-month coaching program that SHORTCUTS the time, energy, and effort to raise self-disciplined children who willingly carry your faith into adulthood by influencing them with wholesome ideas.

Wholesome Influencers provides you with the step-by-step journey, transitions of transformations, and done for you principles, and expectations, so you can determine the boundary limits for your children, even if you are ‘new‘ or ‘unsure‘ of how to parent from your faith or how to homeschool your children in the way the brain retains knowledge.

Inside this program, you will master:

  • The Take Captive Framework so you can fight FOR your childre
  • The FIVE phases of the mind
  • The phases of discussion
  • The SEVEN phases of discipline
  • What to do when you are seizing happy moments
  • The Biblical structure of a family meeting
  • Setting & living up to a Christian standard, even if you don't know Scripture well
  • How to parent as teammates and not opponents
  • How to increase your child's attention, imagination, and other brain habits necessary for learning
  • How the brain works to learn
  • How to make homeschool decisions that appeasing homeschool laws AND teaches a Christian education
  • How to plan curriculum tailored to your child's interest so they are eager for their assignments
  • How to schedule your life to have more joy
  • How to eliminate the effort of decisions for life demands
  • How to schedule multiple ages and skills without homeschooling taking over your day
  • How to move dependent learners into independent learners so you can secure more time in your day
  • AND so much more …

    And the BEST part is…

    Wholesome Influencers™ will give you confidence to not just trust this step-by-step transformation journey but to commit to raising self-disciplined children who willingly carry YOUR faith into adulthood.

    TOTAL VALUED AT $47,130.00

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    Wholesome Influencers™ is the perfect program for you if…

    • You are committed to passing your faith on to your children
    • You struggle with parenting from Scripture
    • You get concerned about the influences of this world
    • You desire to homeschool
    • You have tried other things that just haven't worked
    • You have determined that you will be a WHOLESOME INFLUENCER to your children, if it is the last thing you do