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Learning Box Bead Strips!

Save time creating a Bead Learning Box. Want to add hands-on independent play for your preschooler to improve hand-eye coordination and grip strength by picking up small beads to match with our done for you bead strips that you can download, print, laminate, and use for hours of independent learning box time?


Since 2003, I’ve been using learning boxes to keep my toddlers and preschoolers playing independently while fostering imagination and learning that increases their attention span so I could work dependently with my older children during homeschool lessons. 

Along the way, I’ve created resources of my own that I could use for years to come, as I recognized how vital these were for sensory play that Charlotte Mason suggested while conditioning their mind for formal education..  

And through it all, our hours of lessons welcomed our youngest children into our homeschool journey because I formed habits of independence for our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. 

New to Learning Boxes? Ready to Give Bead Strips a Try? Get Started Quickly With This Resource!

Ready to create your first, or next learning box quickly?

Whether you are preparing for your next school year, in the middle of your current year, or wanting to use summer wisely to form habits of independent – I guarantee that learning boxes are the way to go. Bead Strips that can be used with any alphabet beads of any size or color can grow with your children. 

Should only be used with children who do not have the tendencies of putting small objects in their mouth (or nose) and under watchful supervision.


  • Alphabet Strips
  • Animal Strips
  • Blend Strips
  • Animal Blend Strips

All It Takes Is a Few Minutes to Create a Learning Box That Forms the Habit Of Independent Play & Learning To Transform Your Homeschool! 

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