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The Top 20 Charlotte Mason Homeschool Questions Answered!

Questions can stop us from moving forward in a direction we feel drawn to go. Ready to find the answer to homeschoolers top questions about Charlotte Mason's method and to know if this method is right for your family?


Since 1999, I’ve been reading, studying, and organizing the philosophies and methods of Charlotte Mason so I could homeschool with confidence the way the brain naturally learns and retains knowledge. 

Along the way, I’ve simplified Charlotte's original six volumes into paths, blueprints, and frameworks that makes implementing this method easier for homeschool moms who struggle to get started, confused about planning, and frustrated with their kids because their lack of interest in curriculum.  

And through it all, I’ve identified the top 20 questions that has stopped homeschool moms in their tracks of giving this PROVEN method a chance to transform their children's education. 

New to Charlotte Mason? Ready to Give This Method a Try? Gain Confidence With This Guide!

Ready to get the answers to the questions that have kept you from trying a method that draws you in?

Whether you are a first time homeschooling mom, or a veteran – I guarantee that there is something to learn about this natural way of learning. It is packed with insightful details that many are misled or misunderstanding about this method of education. 


  • Why Charlotte Mason's method is THE way, if you want your children to retain their education
  • The key principles of this method
  • How this method differs from other educational options
  • The number of subjects Charlotte taught to her students
  • The range of ages this method is good for
  • And so much more!

All It Takes Is Understanding How the Brain Learns & Retains Knowledge to Make a BIG Difference In Your Homeschool! 

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