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Overcome Disobedience With Just 4 Steps, Taught Inside a Family Bible Study!

Disobedience can tear apart the relationships between parent and child. Ready to use the Bible to open the heart of your children to the importance of obedience?


In 1994, I became a parent to our first of four children.  I knew immediately that I wanted to raise our children with Christian standards and disciple their hearts in obedience. 

Along the way, I made mistakes (haven't we all) and believed that as a parent, I had the right to ‘force' my children to obey because ‘I'm their parent' and I know what is best for them. But that approached nearly cost me my relationship with one of my children. Thank God, I've used scripture to disciple my kids, even though I haven't always done that right, either.   

And through it all, I’ve discovered how to use the Bible to seed the wholesome idea for willingly obedience ‘because it is right' and required of the Lord. 


Done With ALL the Disobedience? Ready to Use the Bible – To Disciple Obedience? This Bible Study Is What You Need!

Ready to do the Lord's work with His attitude, not the devils? If you've ever screamed scriptures to your kids, like I have, you discipling the wrong way.

This family Bible study will walk you through the four steps to disciple obedience. 


  • Scriptures that teach the importance of obedience that you can study together
  • Discussion questions
  • Action assignments
  • And warnings to watch out for so you don't rely on your current parental habits to get in the way of the word doing the work

Disciple Obedience In Your Children's Hearts! Grab This Family Bible Study To Overcome Disobedience Today! 

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