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Raise Self-Disciplined Children Who Willingly Go the Right Way, Even When No One Is Watching!

Constant fussing at your kids can tear apart the relationships between parent and child. Ready to use a simple framework to raise self-disciplined children?


In 1994, I became a parent to our first of four children. I knew immediately that I wanted to raise our children with Christian standards and disciple their hearts to willingly do the right thing because ‘it is right'. 

Along the way, I made mistakes (haven't we all) and began fussing over our children's every action that escalated into screaming Scriptures to get them to do what I expected of them. But that approached was closing their hearts and minds to the truth that I desperately wanted them to walk in. Thank God, I uncovered a simple framework, just in time, to keep my forceful and harsh parenting from closing their hearts and minds to God.    

And through it all, I’ve discovered how to use this framework to raise self-disciplined children, who ‘almost always' willingly do the right way, even when no one is watching. 


Done With the Perpetual Commands & Directions Of Do's & Don'ts? 

Ready to train up your kids to willingly do the right thing, even when no one is watching? If you're spending your days constantly fussing at your kids to do what you've already told them to do a thousand times, like I have, you need this mini-workshop.


  • A truth that most parents completely miss
  • A simple framework to raise self-disciplined children
  • Four things parents do that hinder self-discipline

Raise Self-Disciplined Children! Access This FREE Mini-Workshop To Learn How With a Four Step Framework Today! 

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