Are you a mother feeling weighed down by the demands of motherhood? Are the challenges and weariness of daily life taking a toll on your joy and energy? In today's episode of “Influencing Your Kids,” Dollie Freeman, the host of the show, shares her personal journey and valuable insights for all moms out there who are struggling with weariness in their motherhood journey.

Dollie Freeman's personal experience sheds light on a crucial aspect of motherhood – the importance of selfless leisure. As a mother, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the daily responsibilities, the needs of your children, and the demands of maintaining a household. Dollie's story resonates with many mothers who may be facing similar challenges and are seeking ways to regain their sense of purpose and vitality.

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The Myth of Perfect Motherhood:

Dollie Freeman opens up about her own experience of feeling overwhelmed despite having a supportive husband, a loving family, and a seemingly perfect life. She highlights how even as children grow and move beyond the toddler and infant stages, the challenges of motherhood persist. The pressure of managing household tasks, planning meals, grocery shopping, and dealing with the never-ending cycle of laundry can contribute to a sense of weariness and exhaustion.

The Devil's Trap:

Dollie emphasizes that the devil often preys on mothers' weariness, seeking to keep them trapped in a cycle of exhaustion and discouragement. She shares a personal story of hitting a breaking point and realizing that she was missing a crucial element in her life – selfless leisure.

The Revelation of Selfless Leisure:

Dollie discovered that the missing piece in her life was selfless leisure. Contrary to common misconceptions about leisure being synonymous with indulgence, Dollie emphasizes that true leisure is about restoration, refreshment, and regaining the energy needed to face life's challenges.

She draws parallels from Jesus' example of seeking time away for reflection and renewal, allowing Him to return with renewed energy and purpose. Dollie explains that while the world often pursues leisure for selfish reasons, Christian mothers can redefine leisure as a way to serve and strengthen themselves for the purpose of serving their families and fulfilling their calling.

The Transformational Power of Selfless Leisure:

Dollie introduces the concept of selfless leisure, which is about approaching alone time as an opportunity for refreshment that empowers mothers to persevere and thrive. She encourages mothers to shift their mindset and evaluate whether their alone time is truly refreshing and reinvigorating them or merely offering a temporary escape.

She offers practical guidance on cultivating selfless leisure, both in everyday moments and through intentional retreats. Dollie reveals that she has been taking retreats for years to refocus, recharge, and come back as the best version of herself. She also extends an invitation to her coaching program and a forthcoming retreat, creating a space for mothers to learn and grow together.

Embracing a Renewed Perspective:

Dollie concludes by emphasizing that finding renewed purpose and energy in motherhood requires a shift from selfish leisure to selfless leisure. By embracing this principle, mothers can overcome weariness and approach their responsibilities with renewed vigor, aligning themselves with their calling and serving their families with selflessness and joy.

As mothers, it's essential to recognize that weariness is a common experience, but through intentional selfless leisure, we can overcome these challenges and embrace motherhood as the sacred and purposeful journey it is meant to be.

If you're a mother feeling weary and exhausted, remember that there is a path to renewal and purpose. By understanding the difference between selfish and selfless leisure, you can embark on a journey towards revitalization and rediscover the joy in motherhood. Embrace the lessons shared by Dollie Freeman and take steps to incorporate selfless leisure into your life, allowing you to serve your family with a renewed spirit and a heart full of love.

Join us in the journey of finding renewal and purpose in motherhood. Explore the concept of selfless leisure and discover how it can transform your perspective and energy. Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. Let's empower one another to embrace the challenges of motherhood with renewed strength and joy.