Do you ever stop and wonder what it is that you were meant to do as a person and really what this whole scheme of life is all about? If so, this is for you because we are all born with a purpose in our life.


This episode is brought to you by the Purpose Driven Christian

We all have a purpose. If you walk away from anything that I say in this, I want you to remember that we all have a purpose.

There's an attack that is raging across the world,

Many people who have been dealing with a lot in their life from one thing to another, come to this place of asking themselves what their life is purposed for. And many times this question leads to people being discouraged and overwhelmed and to the point of despair with the rise of suicide in the world.

We know that this question matters because at the end, when someone is contemplating one decision over the other, when it comes to preserving their life, this is the question they must answer.

Not that I know from personal experience, but you hear those who have overcome suicidal thoughts and it all stems, they're really believing that they're not living a purpose, that there's no reason for them to continue to live, and that with them not living, there's nothing that's going to be missed. And that is a lie straight from our enemy who literally roams this earth looking for who he may devour.

So I want you to stop right now, and I want you to recognize that you and I, we all serve a purpose. That purpose is to bring glory to God, but in that, there's some fulfillment to what we're supposed to be doing.

When we recognize that there so much going against life from the unborn to those struggling with life, and that the devil is working really hard to steal, kill and destroy where we're promised life abundantly.

When I'm not living on purpose, when I don't have an intentional plan, it's easy for me to get side sidetracked and quickly get to the point where I'm really questioning what am I doing? Why am I wasting all this time?

But when I'm not thinking these things, it's easy to just get into the mundane of life looking at one day at a time, looking atthat next task without even thinking about where the vision is.

The Bible tells us that his people perish for the lack of of vision. We need a vision in order to not perish. And when you get to this place of not wondering what your purpose is, it's because you've lost the ability to cast a vision, to look out and to really contemplate the purpose in your life.

Now, each of us are so uniquely created that each of us serve a different purpose. What I want you to recognize is within our purpose, we can look and find those God-given talents, those things that he placed inside us because he equips those he calls.

Your purpose may seem very minute in comparison to what other people are doing, but it's in the small things that purpose is found. I'm gonna repeat that. It's in the small things that purpose is found.

We often think too big in the scheme of things, and we often overlook the simplicity of our purpose. We think that we must really do these big, enormous things and we must do them with total excitement and drive the whole way through.

Well, that's exhausting.

So what I want you to think about is what is your purpose? What is it that God has placed you on this world, in this world for on this earth to accomplish?

It's the little things that gives us the momentum in life and we're missing out when we're thinking of the big things. We have these big pictures in our heads that we really cannot understand how to get there.

I love the saying that an elephant is the one bite at a time. Our purpose is found one step at a time, if you will.
I want you to think about purpose, those God-given things inside of you. But think small at first because it's within those small things that God gives us, the courage and the ability to become equipped in him, to fulfill our purpose, to see our purpose and our mentality.

Rather, we are at our lowest of lowest, or we're going really high. We have this thing inside of us that's called limited beliefs. We think that just because someone else who's similar to us has had success in one way or has purpose in one way that appeals to us, we just don't have it in us.

Until you believe that you have a purpose, you will not step into that purpose.

Now, I want you to realize that we often take on our identity as our purpose. Like I'm a wife, I'm a mother, I'm a homeschooling mother, I'm a daughter, I'm a friend. And oftentimes we think those identities are where we find our purpose and it's not.

Those identities are just a facet of who we are.

Our purpose goes far beyond that.

Get a better understanding of how to live up to the potential God has given to us in who He has created us for. All the while resisting the voices in our head of what the devil is telling us we're not capable of doing, or we are not equipped for that. And to trust that God has born in us, not only the possibilities of God-given talents, but also the ability to become equipped when we answer the calling.