Charlotte Mason recommended that children under six use their senses to learn.

When I started to create learning boxes, in 2003, for our third child, I must admit it was more about keeping his busy, so I could teach our 7 year old who was struggling to learn to read.

It wasn't primarily for his sensory learning.

Why not kill two birds with one stone.

That is why I put a lot of effort into creating learning boxes for my children under six. Not only did these learning boxes provide hours of learn with sensory play, it also formed the habit of independent play and learning that allowed me to work with our older children for 15 to 20 minutes before needing to tend to my one year old that was busy beside us.

Alphabet Beads Learning Box

All learning boxes with small pieces should only be used with watchful supervision and knowing your child's tendencies with putting things in their mouth or nose. 

Here is how to create the alphabet beads learning box:

Want Bead Strips that are done for you?

Learning Box Bead Strip includes Alphabet Strips, Animal Strips, Blend Strips, and Animal Blend Strips turning this preschool learning box into a perfect hands-on learning box for early Elementary children. 

Giving your child a portion of the beads and the alphabet strips (or animal strips for spelling practice and blends for more advanced reading and spelling) and have them match up a bead with one of the alphabet spaces on the strips.

They will LOVE finding the matches and will want to play this again and again.

Here are some ideas of how you can make this learning box grow with your preschoolers skill:

  • Add a timer to see how long they take to fill all of the alphabet strips
  • Make the phonic sounds of the letters they need to find and add to the strips
  • Use words that begin with the letter you want them to find and add to the strips
  • Ask what comes before or after another letter

I use small containers for my alphabet beads learning box because they don't take a lot of space and are easy for my preschooler to handle on his own.